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Do You Overfeed Your Kids?

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Sometimes we get stuck in our thoughts when we worry about our kids, especially when we worry about what and how they eat. We either surrender and offer them anything they want, believing that something to eat is better than nothing at all, or we roll up our sleeves and enter the battle with all…

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Can Kids Go Plant Based?

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If you follow a vegan or plant based diet yourself, you might consider having your kids do the same, but you’re probably also curious to find out the pros and cons of this nutritional approach when applied to growing children. Whether you are an advocate of a plant based diet for children or not, most…

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How Much Your Child Should Eat (Pictures Included)

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As your child grows, it’s important to keep up with their increasing demand for nutritious food. Portion control is extremely important to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need, without putting them at risk of becoming overweight. Use our portions guide below to see how much they should be eating from each nutrient…

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5 Vital Nutrients for Your Kid’s Lunchbox

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What your child eats at school has a huge effect on their learning ability and general development. Preparing a healthy lunchbox with the right nutrient content means they will be able to make the most of their education by staying focused and enhancing brain function. These 5 nutrients are important for your child, but don’t…

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5 Wellness Habits to Teach Your Kids

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As a parent, you don’t just pass on genes to your children. Whether you want them to or not, your kids will pick up your good and bad habits. So make them good, all good, and teach your children some well-being habits that they can carry along with them long after you can carry them.…

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