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5 Places To Buy Nut Milk in Cairo

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If you’re staying away from dairy, milk in particular, then here is a list of all the places you can get nut milks in Egypt!   Gourmet Egypt Gourmet Egypt sell fresh almond milk, sweetened almond milk (honey) and plain coconut milk! You can buy the nut milks in their stores, or online on their…

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A Day in a Gluten Free Diet: Passand El Hammami

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We wanted to find out what a daily diet looks like for someone with gluten intolerance, so we teamed up with Passand Hammami, the brains behind Sea Salt Bakery, Egypt’s leading gluten, lactose and sugar-free bread and snack creator! She promises us, “It’s not as boring as you think without gluten, dairy and sugar. I…

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