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How Do You Stay in Shape When You Are Constantly Surrounded by Food?

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As a food blogger and all round foodie, my conversations with other people tend to almost always “mysteriously” end up revolving around food (I know, weird, right?). The question that comes up over and over again in these conversations is always,”But how do you manage to stay in shape when you are constantly surrounded by…

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10 Foods to Add to Your Diet This Year

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No, we’re not talking quinoa and kale, we promise! Instead, we’ve made a list of some top food items that you might have heard of or seen around, but were never sure what to do with them or why they might be important for you. Make them part of your regular diet in 2016 to…

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Step Away From the Buffet Table

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Let’s be honest, during any gathering it’s hard for anyone to not give in to nostalgic cravings and indulge in scrumptious fried finger foods. Holidays are all about celebrations, and what is a celebration without our favorite foods? But if you are one of those people who find themselves celebrating 4-5 times a month; wedding…

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