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Why This Egyptian ‘Diet Tip’ Is Actually Good Nutrition Advice

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One of the perks of being Egyptian is the endless advice we get from older generations about diet, lifestyle, fashion and pretty much all corners of life. No matter how many years have passed or how much research has been done some myths have stood the test of time and keep getting told over and…

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Study Finds-Animal Protein Increases Mortality Rate

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Plant-Based protein versus Animal protein is probably the biggest debate in the nutrition world. Opinions have varied from doctors, nutritionists and health coaches. Myths around plant-based protein have been circulating for years; “can you eat enough protein on a plant-based diet?” “can you grow muscles on a plant-based diet?” One very interesting recent study tackled this…

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We Tried and Tested Meghan Markle’s Diet for a Week

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard all about the upcoming royal wedding. Already an established actress, Meghan has become a household name. She is also known for following a healthy regimen that she is very outspoken about and so I decided to put it to the test for a full week.…

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Sherine Arafa’s 35Kg Weight Loss Journey To Self-Love

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Sherine Arafa has become a sensation with her videos that have us laughing our hearts out at how funny and utterly relatable they are. We were especially amused by her video about the Five Types Of People Trying To Lose Weight (If you haven’t seen it already you need to watch it now!) What’s even more…

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Six Diet Habits to Ditch

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Skipping Breakfast Whether it’s because you snooze the alarm too many times in the morning and you don’t have time for breakfast, or because you are trying to cut out calories, skipping breakfast does a lot more harm than good. The first meal of the day is like a wake up call for your body…

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