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6 Foods To Eat For A Painless Period

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Most, if not every single woman, has experienced some type of menstruation pain. As women, we tend to believe that cramps, breast pain, lower abdominal pain and back pain are a “normal” part of our cycle. We’re here to tell you that it’s not and it doesn’t have to be. Yes, it is possible to…

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Why This Egyptian ‘Diet Tip’ Is Actually Good Nutrition Advice

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One of the perks of being Egyptian is the endless advice we get from older generations about diet, lifestyle, fashion and pretty much all corners of life. No matter how many years have passed or how much research has been done some myths have stood the test of time and keep getting told over and…

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Ramadan Weight Loss Meal Plan

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After the first week of indulgence during Ramadan, it’s important to get down to business as the second week approaches and to consciously take better care of your health and avoid starting bad eating habits. For this week we have a complementary 7-day weight loss meal plan that will help you reach your health goals…

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How to Get the Best out of Your Fast

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Some of us believe that fasting is simply a religious ritual found in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But in fact, fasting is much broader than this. Fasting gives our body a chance to heal and repair itself. Even animals are aware of this fact, as theories suggest that animals instinctively fast when sick or injured…

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How Do You Stay in Shape When You Are Constantly Surrounded by Food?

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As a food blogger and all round foodie, my conversations with other people tend to almost always “mysteriously” end up revolving around food (I know, weird, right?). The question that comes up over and over again in these conversations is always,”But how do you manage to stay in shape when you are constantly surrounded by…

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Recipes: Healthy Side Dishes

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It’s party season, and whether you’re hosting the dinner party yourself or taking something to a friend’s place, you can do your part by taking a healthy side dish over. Make it your role to serve more vegetables and wholesome foods at the dinner table. We are not talking about depriving yourself or others from…

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Food Safety Basics

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Dealing with food poisoning is not fun, and keeping yourself and family protected from food bacteria is a huge responsibility. The first steps to preventing food poisoning actually start in our very own kitchen. Follow these simple steps below to prevent contamination and reduce any risk of infection. Storage Make sure your fridge temperature is…

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Healthy Hacks for the Lazy

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The idea of getting out of bed an hour early every day and food prepping or dragging yourself to the gym naturally doesn’t appeal to everyone. Sometimes life demands different priorities from us as well that can get in the way of what’s considered a healthy or balanced lifestyle. Thankfully, just a few changes can…

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