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MEET: Egypt’s Authentic Handbag Designer

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We love to see a high quality Egyptian designer creating authentic handbags that reflect our culture and society in an artistic light. Even more, we enjoying seeing this type of culture based creativity forging a name and a brand that can be recognized on sight due to its unique look and popularity. Sami Amin has…

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Inspiring Egyptians: Words to Live By

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Success can be hard to measure, but these individuals from Inspiring Egyptians can help guide you along your journey. From artists to doctors to entrepreneurs to adventurers, they’ve all learned something throughout their trials and errors that has played a major part in getting them where they are today. Here are the top pieces of…

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Explore: Top Picks to Break Your Weekend Routine

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It seems like there is nothing to do in Cairo except eat. We’re not complaining. We love the variety and our taste buds are ecstatic, but sometimes we want more. Who doesn’t want to go somewhere new, spice things up and break the endless routine of dinner, movies or coffee? Luckily, our prayers have been…

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