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Second Trimester Weekly Meal Plan

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You’ve made it through the first trimester of your pregnancy and the morning sickness and nausea are (hopefully) over. Hunger is a major issue many women have to deal with as they progress through their pregnancy, so you will be happy to hear that you can increase your food intake by 300-350 calories (Note –…

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Shaklak Aklak Episode 5B: Reducing Sodium Intake

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Last week’s Shaklak Aklak episode was all about what exactly sodium is and the recommended amounts, this week we give you some tips on how to control your intake and keep sodium levels balanced within your body! Excessive sodium levels in the body are largely associated with an increase in blood pressure, one of the…

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Shaklak Aklak Episode 3: Calories

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For the third Shaklak Aklak installment, we discuss everything that you need to know regarding anyone looking to lose weights’ favorite subject, calories! Whether your goal is weight loss or weight gain, most of us have been on some form of a calorie-geared ‘diet’ plan to reach these goals before. So what exactly are calories…

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How Much Your Child Should Eat (Pictures Included)

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As your child grows, it’s important to keep up with their increasing demand for nutritious food. Portion control is extremely important to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need, without putting them at risk of becoming overweight. Use our portions guide below to see how much they should be eating from each nutrient…

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