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This 3 Year Old Tells Us 3 Secrets to Growing Long Gorgeous Hair

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It’s a blessing to be living at a time when so much information about health, wellness, and proper nutrition is easily accessible. Children today are more exposed to media than ever before, and thus, we are watching a whole new and empowered generation grow before our eyes into knowledgeable, opinionated young leaders. Laila Amin, our…

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The Expert Behind The Curly Studio Shares Her Hair Care Routine

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2018 is definitely shaping up to be the year of embracing your natural curls. Many women today are all about showing off their gorgeous, unstraightened curls and we are living for this trend. We talked to Sara Safwat, one of the co-founders of The Curly Studio, and had her tell us all about her curly…

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The One Thing I Did To De-Frizz My Hair And Clear My Skin

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Most, if not all of us refuse to drink tap water in Egypt due to the excessive residue and toxins in the water. Which raises the question of why would you put the same water you refuse to drink onto your skin? When we take a hot shower, we put ourselves at risk of inhaling…

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How This Egyptian Woman Went From Having Thin Hair To Thick Luscious Waves

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“The most important thing is to use natural ingredients..” In an interview, actress Farida Seif El Nasr reveals how she went from having a head-full of hair to having her hair fall out completely and the natural remedy that helped her re-grow her beautiful locks back. After endless visits to doctors on how to regrow…

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