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Eat to Glow: How Nutrition Affects Your Skin

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Skin is one of the most powerful indicators of health. It’s true that what you eat matters when it comes to a healthy outer appearance – you can buy the most expensive creams, treatments, and makeup in the world, but if you are not nourishing yourself from within you won’t be able to avoid fine…

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All About Sunscreens: Types, Brands, and Recommendations

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You need to protect your body using SPF all year round, but it is especially important now as the summer and heat are fast approaching. When making your choice of which SPF brand to go for, always look for a ‘broad full-spectrum’ SPF – one that protects from both UVA (they cause aging) and UVB…

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1 Week Pre-Wedding Diet Meal Plan

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During the countdown to your wedding you are probably running around trying to get 101 errands out of the way and too stressed to even think about food, but paying attention to what you eat will enhance how you look on the big day, give you more energy to tackle your never ending to-do list,…

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#CrispBeauty: 8 Skin Rituals from Around the World

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We took the time to highlight some of the world’s most known health and beauty techniques practiced around the globe. Most of them can be done in your own home and have been used for thousands of years. Rooibos Tea The native African tea is used in South Africa not just as a refreshing drink,…

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How to Manage Your Acne with Diet

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The diet-acne connection is strong, and making some changes to what you eat have been shown to be just as effective as abrasive topical acne treatments in extreme cases. The first food group which has been strongly associated with skin problems is dairy. Milk and milk products are pro-inflammatory; and in people with already unstable…

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DIY Zit-Zapper Mask

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We’ve all been there. A fresh face destroyed by a fresh pimple. They kill your look and ruin your mood, and always have a way of creeping up when you need them least. Sometimes, makeup helps to camouflage a zit. But what your skin really needs in such desperate times is a good, strong, healthy…

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The 8 Rules to Fighting Wrinkles

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Whether you’re 20 years old with a lifetime of possibilities ahead of you, or 50 with most of your good days behind you, you’ll always worry about wrinkles. While anti-aging creams do good work, it takes a lot more to get the job done. Practice these tips for fighting wrinkles right and feeling forever young…

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Cheat Sheet: SPF

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Skincare experts argue over all kinds of issues, but there’s one point that they can all come to some agreement on – the importance of SPF – the biggest culprit of aging and a factor we’re exposed to every single day. As summer has graced us with its beautiful presence, and we’re enjoying the sun a lot…

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How to Make Your Summer Look Last

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The best time of the year is knocking hard on our doors. However, thanks to the humidity and heat, problems like our makeup not staying in place, our eyeliners melting or even our overall complexions turning extremely oily arise more often than we’d like. As a makeup artist, I’m sharing with you my tips for avoiding…

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Want Acne Free Skin? Give up This One Ingredient

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There you are standing in front of your bathroom mirror picking at your spots once again. You’ve tried every acne product on the market, all of which would eventually stop working and your skin would go back to its usual state of acne-prone affairs. But have you ever thought about how the food you eat…

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