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Breastfeeding Nutrition Plan

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Your nutrition during breastfeeding is very important for two main reasons: To make sure your baby is receiving all the nutrients it needs To speed up your postnatal recovery and help you get back to your pre-baby body quicker. If you are currently breastfeeding, you can follow this complementary weekly nutrition plan and see the…

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MEET Fayrouz: Two Pregnancies, A World of A Difference

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Things get deep and personal as we talk to our founder, Fayrouz Youssef, about her two pregnancies to understand how being more aware of your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your health and appearance. As the ‘always skinny’ girl who was eager to get pregnant at 23, Fayrouz knew very minimal information about…

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Hold The Epidural: Reham’s Experience Will Make You Believe in Natural, Organic Birth Again

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Reham Samir decided to take the all natural route with her pregnancy and have an at home birth. We sat down with her to find out all about her reasons and what the experience was like. Reham had a horrible experience with her first child after having a normal delivery with an epidural. Back problems…

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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Is Dying Your Hair Safe?

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During pregnancy and breastfeeding, we need to be extra careful about what we put into and onto our body, as anything that gets absorbed into our bloodstream goes directly to our baby’s bloodstream too. There is a lot of controversy regarding hair dying during pregnancy, because of the high levels of chemicals in hair dyes…

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Pregnancy: Morning Sickness Remedies

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Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to suffer through your nine months. Morning sickness is obviously more common in the morning, but it can actually hit at any time of day, and during any stage of pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is something that effects 70% of pregnant women, so you don’t have to…

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Food Safety During Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a confusing time with conflicting advice from all those around you as well as health professionals. Something that everyone will agree on is that you need to be extra careful in terms of the safety of your food.There are some foods you should avoid during pregnancy as they can cause illness that…

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