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Resources for Confronting Violence against Women

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Violence against women is a prevalent and serious issue. It might not seem urgent or particularly relevant to you, but that’s just another aspect of how dangerous and pressing an issue it. Violence against women most often happens behind closed doors and gentle, decent-looking masks. It also happens in different ways: verbal, psychological/emotional, physical and…

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Warning Signs You’re Dealing with an Abuser

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A girl meets her “prince charming” and falls head over heels for him. Then they get married and start a family. She had a dream and believes she has finally found it. Then comes the first poke in the shoulder, slap on the face or punch from her prince. She denies it within herself, blames…

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MEET Omar Khalifa of Shaghalni

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An AUC Political Science graduate, with a specialization in International Relations, Omar Khalifa clearly saw the inequalities rampant in Egypt. “It was always easy for us. We had a bi-annual employment fair that brought huge companies to us,” he says, “but I always wondered how people who weren’t as privileged found out about or got…

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#RealTalk: Repeat After Me, “Instagram Is Not Real Life”

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If you work directly in social media (or know anyone who does) you will know that it has quickly become a multi-million dollar industry. Don’t get us wrong, we love scrolling and getting some healthy and fit inspiration, and giving some of our own, but with Instagram’s more than 300 million monthly users we know…

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