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Egyptian Vegan Bodybuilder tells us Why You Don’t Need Meat to Bulk Up

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The debate over which nutrition regimen to follow is never-ending and everyone is always wondering about which is the healthiest way to go. Wanting to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a vegan bodybuilder and learn more about the specifics of following a plan-based diet, we had a quick chat with one…

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Study Finds-Animal Protein Increases Mortality Rate

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Plant-Based protein versus Animal protein is probably the biggest debate in the nutrition world. Opinions have varied from doctors, nutritionists and health coaches. Myths around plant-based protein have been circulating for years; “can you eat enough protein on a plant-based diet?” “can you grow muscles on a plant-based diet?” One very interesting recent study tackled this…

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5 Places To Buy Nut Milk in Cairo

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If you’re staying away from dairy, milk in particular, then here is a list of all the places you can get nut milks in Egypt!   Gourmet Egypt Gourmet Egypt sell fresh almond milk, sweetened almond milk (honey) and plain coconut milk! You can buy the nut milks in their stores, or online on their…

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The Worst Type of Egyptian Cheese That Can Cause Cancer and Liver Damage

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Being on a vegan or a plant based diet is alot more common today than maybe a year ago. Every time most of us think of even starting this healthy lifestyle, one big reason why we can’t follow the diets comes to mind and basically aborts the entire idea: CHEESE! why would anyone give up…

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A Day in the Life of a Vegan

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We interviewed Yasmine Nazmy, founder of Earthly Delights, to find out how she became a vegan and how she balances a vegan lifestyle all while running her own business. Yasmine grew up on a typical diet of cereal and milk for breakfast followed with unregulated amounts of meat, fried food and some vegetables, and she…

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Mostafa Helmy: The Man Who Lost 28 Kg on a Plant Based Diet

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We bring you the story of Mostafa Helmy, in an open letter by the man himself. (Read his original post in Arabic here.) “Happy New Year, everyone! In light of the New Year and in the spirit of decisions and resolutions that never really last long, I feel this is the perfect timing for what I…

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The Ultimate 3 Day Detox Diet

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We can almost guarantee a healthier diet and lifestyle is on top of your New Year’s resolutions. While we don’t believe in quick fixes, jumpstarting your healthy eating habits with this 3-day detox program is a great place to begin your healthy lifestyle improvement. The TDC 3 Day Detox is a great way to kick-start…

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