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Sherine Arafa’s 35Kg Weight Loss Journey To Self-Love

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Sherine Arafa has become a sensation with her videos that have us laughing our hearts out at how funny and utterly relatable they are. We were especially amused by her video about the Five Types Of People Trying To Lose Weight (If you haven’t seen it already you need to watch it now!) What’s even more…

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Artificial Sweeteners Could Make You Gain Weight

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If you are one to load up on the ‘sugar-free’, calorie-free’ diet soft drinks to help you lose weight, you need to stop and think about what you are really putting into your body. I’ll admit artificial sweeteners are a very attractive concept; you can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your calorie bank for…

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Men’s Monday: 4 Fast Ways to Bulk Up

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Are you the skinny, slim, hard-gaining guy trying to bulk up while everyone around you is desperately trying to decrease their body fat percentage? We know what you’re thinking: Gaining weight is not easier than losing it. Thought for some it can prove to be a struggle, that’s a common misconception that we’re here to…

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