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Egypt’s Top Models Dish About Their Skincare, Hair Care and Wellness Secrets

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It is no secret that models definitely know how to keep their skin, hair and bodies in tip top shape. Due to having long and hectic shooting hours, heat constantly applied to their hair and loads of makeup applied to their faces, taking care of their looks and mental health is a definite priority. We…

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#TriedAndTested: Four of Egypt’s Hottest New Fitness Classes

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Getting back in shape can seem somewhat tiresome and boring, but Egypt’s fitness industry has really been stepping up its game in terms of coming up with innovative concepts this year. So, with the aim of wanting to both break a sweat and have some fun while doing it, we went on a fitness spree.…

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Exercise: Barre Classes

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2016 may just be the year where barefoot fitness classes such as pilates and barre steal the health and wellness scene. Get exclusive information regarding barre classes in our article today. What is barre exactly? We hear you ask. They are fitness classes which use a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines…

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Aiming for Endurance

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Sometimes, a person’s strength doesn’t match their appearance. They may kill it at the gym, experiencing high gains all the time, but often times you’ll find them winded or struggling to complete a task outside of their fitness zone. There is a way though to not only experience the aesthetic benefits of training, but the…

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Everything You Need to Know About Cardio

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Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise is important for heart health, building endurance, carbon dioxide removal and lung function. And we’ve got the details and benefits of your next cardio workout covered. If you’re huffing, puffing and breathing heavily at the gym, don’t be alarmed. All that means is that your heart is flexing,…

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