Costa Coffee is one of the pioneer coffee shops offering a wide variety of high grade coffee drinks and more since 2004. We remember when we were young, our favorite Caramel Macchiato, Classic Corto and Flat White were only available at Costa Coffee – making it the all time closest coffee shop to our hearts till this day.

Today, Costa Coffee still manages to stay close to our hearts while being on top of the ever changing health trends, by launching its very innovative vegan menu on January 15th – with the objective of making the concept Veganism tastier and more accessible to all (vegans or not).

Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to start their day on a lighter breakfast that can last for longer and make them much more productive?

This is exactly what we experienced when we tried their Mixed Vegetables, Vegan Cheese focaccia gluten free bread and a Large Hazelnut Oat Milk Cappuccino.

Head to your nearest Costa Coffee menu, order your favorite Vegan items right away and see for yourself.