Each year sees some new and old favorite Ramadan kheima’s and hangouts. We’ve done a round-up of the top spots across the city to meet with friends, relax, have fun and have suhoor in for the month.

Lanterns – Uptown Cairo
Uptown Cairo’s Clubhouse brings you its sensational Lanterns kheima tent for the second year in a row. Enjoy entertainment on weeknights and special performances by Cairo’s top musicians on the weekends. Indulge in their mouth-watering food selection, a welcome break from traditional fuul and ta3meyya. You can also watch their favorite shows and matches on the mega screen, which is a great addition as we are in the Euro season. Find out more information about lanterns from their Facebook page.

Foul Board
foul board
Taking it back to basics is sometimes just what we need during Ramadan. You can unwind with friends at Foul Board, a no-frills spot in New Cairo. The hangout is a clean and quirky twist on the traditional fuul cart and provides a great laidback experience. You can check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

An oldie, but a goodie. We’re all so used to Sequoia’s Ramadan transformation that it has become a tried and true Ramadan staple. The soft summer breeze, Om Koulthum playing in the background and the Middle East’s favorite dishes all make a colorful and special night by the Nile. Check out their Facebook page.

 Galleria 40 ‘3altawla’
3al tawla
If you live in 6th October, then you need to head over to 3altawla oriental kheima for your next suhoor outing. Catering is provided by a variety of restaurants including Ayadina, Cachimba, Tutti Matti, Gaby’s and Mistika. They also have a huge screen for those interested in the Euro Cup. Check them out on Facebook.

The Tap East ‘El7anafeya’
the tap east
It’s nice to see some other source of entertainment being combined alongside food. The Tap East in New Cairo have live entertainment every night, stand up comedy, and games too. Whether you go for iftar or suhoor, it’s guaranteed to be a fun hangout without just sitting around! Find out more information on their Facebook page.

3arabeyet Elso7oor at Jeera
Enjoy an authentic Suhoor experience at the clubhouse of Jeera compound. Contact Iwan developments for more information and booking, or give them a call on 19338.

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