A workout is never complete without music. It just gives you that energetic push and makes you enjoy your workout a thousand times more. We are pretty sure you all have a few songs that you always play on repeat because their beats just excite you and awake your inner beast (Rawrrrr)

I asked TDC’s team members about their playlists and asked them to suggest songs that pump them up and energize them for their workouts!!

Heres what we found out.


Hanaa: Immigrant Song, by Led Zeppelin

“I’m a big Marvel fan, and this song makes me feel like I’m Thor strong like, hehe.”


Yasmine: Uproar, by Lil Wayne

” It brings out so much of the energy stored inside me and time flys by when I listen to it on repeat!”


Seif: Gary Vee Podcast

” Because I usually work out in the morning and his talks give me the morning pump I need. That’s just me though!”


Vanna: House Music Mixes

” I love listening to house mixes with all their genre’s. Their beats keep me in a good and energetic mood all throughout the workout.”


Yara: Yellow, by Cold play

” I’m really into Cold play, and how they mix up their beats. This song’s lyrics are just very inspiring to me and lifts my mood anytime.”


So, we hope you found a new song to jam to in your next workout session! Send this to your fitness buddy and plan your playlist together!!