Hoda El Sherif, co-founder of Egypt’s leading culinary stylings, Flavor Republic, spent her weekend measuring up to our 3 Day Detox plan. Not only did she test out our plant based recipes and provide us with some completely beautiful shots, but she did all this while hitting the beach on the North Coast for a weekend of sun and sea. Get a glimpse of her take on our recipes and some crafty ways she she was able to stay on track while on the go!
Day 1
Hoda started her journey with a seasonal take on overnight oats, loaded up with summer fresh figs and blueberries. Who knew something so simple could look so lovely? Perfectly paired with a green smoothie, this hot breakfast combo is an ideal way to start any day.

Day 2
Hoda was feeling our salad jar summer vibes from this past week and made her own “deconstructed” version by the beach with our chickpea salad recipe. She even used jars to store her frozen grapes to take with her for an afternoon.

Day 3
For her final day, Hoda took over The Daily Crisp’s Instagram with her own customized additions. We never saw fuul that looked so good! She also added a splash of green to highlight the simply delicious way you can get in a snack and a serving of goodness; kale!

To top everything off, Hoda helped to spread some knowledge on why someone should want to do any form of detox or stick to a healthy, plant based eating regimen. You are what you eat, and after this weekend we’re sure Hoda is feeling beautiful and healthy!