Alkaline Diet

alkaline diet

The alkaline diet is based around the idea that the foods we eat can affect the pH of our body, the less acidic our body is, the healthier we are in all aspects.

Acidic foods include meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and alcohol and thus these should be eliminated from the diet. On the other hand fruits, nuts, legumes, and veggies are alkaline so eating them is encouraged.

There is a major flaw with the science behind the Alkaline diet, each area and organ in our body has a unique pH that is regulated internally, not regulated by the foods we eat. For example, our stomach is very acidic so that any bacteria is killed off. On the other hand, our blood is alkaline. Neither of these values can be affected by the foods we eat, and actually any alterations in the pH of our bodies can be very, very serious.

The problem with the Alkaline diet is not with the actual foods that are eliminated or encouraged, but more with the claims and faulty logic behind it which doesn’t make any sense nutritionally. The alkaline diet is only healthy in that it is based on real and unprocessed foods. It has nothing to do with being acidic or alkaline.