If you’re a mommy or a daddy, you’re probably dreading the woes that come with teething. But, it’s definitely not frustrating for just the parents. If your baby is fussy chances are it’s frustrating for them too! The best thing you can do is learn to recognize the symptoms and learn all the clever teething remedies that come with the territory. Lucky for you we’ve covered all this in our 101 on teething in collaboration with Naila Bahgat certified newborn care specialist and owner of NewBornians where you learn what to expect when your baby is teething.

And because we want to make sure you’re prepared on all fronts, we got Naila to give us her 5 top baby teething remedies.

Teething Remedies:

Naila’s general rule of thumb is Cold is Gold”.  And this isn’t just a clever rhyme folks, it basically means cold things are the best remedies. This is because they have a numbing effect and will soothe the baby’s gums and ease the pain. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 remedies Naila recommends for baby teething:


Yup, you read that right. But this isn’t just an ordinary washcloth. If you wet a washcloth, wring it out and place it in the freezer you can offer it to your baby as something to bite on when their gums are in pain. This option is definitely the most budget-friendly and a quick fix.

2- Metal Spoon

Place a stainless steel spoon in the refrigerator and use it to gently rub your baby’s gums with the back of the spoon to soothe any unease they might be feeling. This is also a good quick fix remedy that uses a common household item.


This is a little different from a traditional massage. Basically what you should do is massage your baby’s gums after cooling your hands in cold water from the tap. A firm but gentle pressure in a rotation using your fingers is a good way to relieve your baby. Through massaging, you can counteract some of the discomfort the baby feels as the tooth is coming through the gumline.


This goes without saying, but Naila states that you have to place teethers in the refrigerator and not the freezer.  She also warns against using teethers with gels or liquids as those could get torn and could be dangerous for the baby to ingest.

5-Fruit Feeders

This is a good option for babies who have started eating solids. By placing fruit and veggies that they’ve tried already in the freezer and providing them in fruit feeders. This offers them a way to gnaw on food safely and with the soothing effect of the cold, while their chompers come in.

What to Avoid:

There are some things you need to keep a look out for and avoid when it comes to teething remedies. First and foremost as mentioned above, the teethers that contain gels and liquids. Other things Naila warns strongly against are teething gels and even the homeopathic ones. This is because the chemicals they contain are prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are highly harmful to kids under the age of 2.

After the First Tooth Appears

Finally, once the first tooth or pair of teeth appear it’s important to make sure that you brush your baby’s teeth. You can use a children’s toothbrush, available at any pharmacy or supermarket. For toothpaste, you can use the toothpaste you normally use at home. All you have to do is dip the toothbrush in the toothpaste and brush the tooth or teeth. Doing this regularly will ensure your child has a set of pearly whites when all their teeth eventually come in.

And that pretty much covers all the clever remedies to keep in mind when your baby is teething. If you want to learn more then you should check out NewBornians range of sessions on newborn care and keep an eye out for tips and tricks via their Instagram and Facebook.