We are officially back in seaside weekend destination and travel mode. Whether it’s a quick weekend to the Red Sea or a trip abroad, we got you covered when it comes to the easiest and best ways to travel healthy.

Healthy On-the-Go Snacks
All it takes is a little planning ahead and you can easily avoid foods that contain no more than simple sugars and carbohydrates, such as soda, candy, cakes and biscuits. These grab-and-go items will make sure you are well nourished throughout your trip without requiring too much effort from your side while on holiday. Simply prepare these the night before you are traveling and store in Ziplock bags or Tupperware for when you get hungry. If you’ll have a kitchen available while on your holiday, they’re also great options to keep with you throughout your day, on the beach or sightseeing on the go.

  • Fresh fruit: The simplest and best go-to snack option out there. No preparation needed, simply wash and slice as needed before you start your trip. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try baked banana chips or dried apricots for something different.
  • Sliced Veggies: Whatever your favorite is, slice it up, put it in your preferred container and take it with you. Cucumber, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, they’re all easy to prepare and will stay good throughout your travel time.
  • Mixed nuts: If you are craving something salty and with a crunch, skip the chips and aim for nuts instead.
  • Homemade popcorn: Who doesn’t love popcorn? This snack is guaranteed to be a hit with everybody, and an extra healthy one too.
  • Apple and peanut butter: Try it out and thank us later. This snack will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your hunger pangs away for at least a couple of hours.
  • Yogurt: A staple, whether it’s in a travel-friendly tube, blended into a smoothie, or mixed with fruit and granola.

Traveling doesn’t have to be the death of your exercise routine. Wake up an hour earlier than everyone else and hit the gym. Even if there is no gym available where you are, jump rope, try an at home workout or beach workout to keep you in shape and boost your energy, or go for a distance swim. You can even blast through the sand with a quick 15 minute beach workout before you start relaxing (if you have ever tried doing jumping lunges on a sandy beach, you will know it’s no walk in the park). There is no excuse!

Stay Hydrated
Long flights are dehydrating. Eat lightly and stay hydrated throughout the flight, don’t be shy to ask for more water or fresh juice every hour or so. Avoid sugary snacks until you get off the plane. Even if you’re traveling a few hours by car, keep a few bottles of water with you to be sure you’re not skipping out on staying hydrated on your journey.

Be Realistic
Don’t be afraid to follow the 80% healthy 20% indulge rule. Enjoy your holiday, eat the pizza, have the chocolate bar. Whatever that magical, desirable, unforgettable food is that you dream about, eat it and don’t feel guilty. Remember, moderation is key to everything, and you are on holiday after all.