In my previous article, I discussed how there is no magic pill, no secret formula, and no “cure-all” drugs to get you in shape. Hard work and dedication are the answer. Having already discussed the basics to transforming your body, today I’m going to reveal to you ‘the 5 fundamental moves for transforming anyone’s body.’ I discussed last time that there is no program for everyone and that any training program should be customized to meet the client’s goal and needs. The following moves are the foundation for any training program, provided you are healthy and have no injuries. They are the most important exercises for improving your overall physique and strength.

First : Deadlift 
In my opinion Deadlift is the most important of all moves. It builds your entire posterior chain; “hamstrings, glutes, lower back, middle back and upper back”.. Deadlift improves your posture and works on your overall strength. Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose excess body fat you need to deadlift, because the more the muscles work the more oxygen your body needs and therefore the more calories you will burn.
Unless you have lower back/middle back injury, you should Deadlift!


Second : Squats 
Squats is the second fundamental move after the deadlift. Nothing beats the feeling of getting up with heavy weight on your shoulders!
Squatting works your lower body. It’s what I like to call “Father of the lower limb exercise”
You can do lunges, leg presses, leg extensions ……..etc, but if you are not squatting you are missing a lot.
A Fundamental move for overall strength as it works your core and strengthens your lower body.


Third : Barbell Row
This is the most important exercise to build a strong upper/middle back. It’s an essential exercise to build strength in the back muscle. It also works your core, your lower back, and your stabilizing muscles. A very important exercise together with the deadlift to improve your posture. Again if you do not have any injuries or a medical condition, this exercise needs to be in your arsenal.


Fourth: Bench press
The real measurement of upper body strength. The bench press is a real tester when it comes to testing the upper body strength. It works your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Both men and women should be doing this exercise.
I’m a big believer of the quote “If you want to train for shape, train for strength”. It’s a network! When you improve your overall strength, you get a strong/ well-built physique.
Did you bench press today?


Fifth : Military press “shoulder press”
Another fundamental move that not only works your shoulders but hits your triceps and your core as well. Your lower back, abs, and obliques work as a stabilizer during this exercise which builds strong rounded shoulders. Military press is also the foundation for all other Olympic moves; “Clean and press, snatch and overhead press”, which is why it’s essential to do this exercise if you want to learn Olympic lifting or if you want to get involved in CrossFit.

The previous five moves are fundamentals exercises no matter what your goal is. Unless you have a medical condition or a chronic injury that is preventing you from doing them, you should definitely include them in your routine to transform your body.