In case you haven’t been up to date, news of the Amazon forest catching fire has been breaking the internet for the past couple of days.

This is probably one of the largest forest fires to ever happen, the smoke has managed to travel to the skies of Sao Paulo (1700 Kms away), making the sky over there pitch-black in the middle of the day.

Why Is the Amazon Burning such a Big Problem?

Global warming is happening because of the exponential amounts of carbon dioxide we produce daily from burning fuel, smoke,etc.

The Amazon forest is said to produce 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. This means that it’s been responsible for detoxing 20% of the carbon dioxide that we’ve been producing.

In other words, the Amazon forest has been fighting back global warming all along and it’s one of the main reasons why we still have time to try and fix the damage we’re doing.

If you think we can afford to lose, you most certainly are wrong.

How Bad Is the Fire?

It’s the worst! There have been over 7000 fires which is the most there has been in 10 years. It’s also 80% more than last year’s estimate.

It seems that the fires are man-made; you see, people need to make way for industrial projects and so they burn the trees because it’s faster. Some of these actions weren’t even legal, and not only is that damaging to the environment, but it also hurt people as well. In Porto Velho, people were complaining about having breathing problems, and it was scary for elders with lung diseases.

To top it off, the dry season was making it hard for the forest to protect itself, and the tribal people living there were trying to protect the trees on their own.

What’s the Current Situation?

On a higher note, things seem to be going towards a better road. International governments started pressuring Brazil to fix the deforestation policies that got us there. They acknowledged that it was a global threat, not just a Brazil problem, and the whole thing was putting the Brazilian president in a tough situation.

At first, president Bolsonaro tried to fend them off. He said that the fires aren’t as bad as the media is saying and that maybe environmentalists started the fires to make him look bad.

Eventually, he decided to take on the responsibility of fixing this. He deployed the army to help put out the fires and it seems like he’s going to make some changes to the deforestation policies.

What’s even better is that it started raining again in the forest, which put an end to the threat that’s been causing people panic for the past couple of days.

Who knows, maybe that was a warning from mother nature, and she’s letting more people know that global warming isn’t a joke or a funny meme. It’s a serious threat to all creatures on Earth, including us.