We’ve all heard different advice when it comes to the best time to cut our hair or give it a trim. Some say cut it on the 13th, and 14th of the Hijri month while others say you should do it every 4 months no matter the time or date. We don’t know whose advice is real and who’s just speaking out of sheer experience.

This is why we’ve done the research and found out when is it really the best time to cut your hair for maximum growth and why. Oddly enough, it’s all about the Moon and its phases. First, let’s just learn a couple of things about the moon to understand how we can use its power to help us grow our hair faster and thicker!


The Moon’s Effect On the Earth.

The moon is actually a “regulator of growth”, we all know it mainly affects water, but that is not the only way it affects Earth. Because of its direct pull on all living things (other than determining the ebb and flow of tides) farmers -who use the biodynamic method of gardening – actually reference the moons’ phases to know when they should plant and harvest their crop, because of the moon’s effect on helping plants grow faster.  Science is still not sure of all the ways the moon affects our lives, but one thing history has shown us is that the moon helps plants grow.


Why use the Lunar Cycle to dictate the perfect time to cut your hair?

Women have actually been using the moon phases for centuries as a guide as to when to cut their hair. We are made of 80% water, so why is it so crazy to believe that the pull of the moon affects us the same way it affects the ocean, nature, and plants! I mean, hair follicles themselves are made of hydrogen and oxygen which when combined form water H2O!


What are the phases of the moon (Lunar Cycle)?

If you’re going to cut your hair according to the phases of the moon you’ll need to learn how to acquaint your self with all it’s different phases first, as each phase means something different in the cutting hair process. The lunar cycle is actually 28 days, and it goes through 8 phases starting at a New Moon and ends at Waning Crescent.


New Moon: This is when the moon is exactly between the Earth and the Sun, so it’s completely hidden in the sky.

Waning Crescent: Occurs a few days after a new moon and shows up in the sky as a tiny sliver of the moon.

First Quarter: This phase is when the first half of the moon is illuminated.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: Waxing means “growing” and gibbous means “shape”, so this is when the moon is growing from the First Quarter into a Full Moon.

Full Moon: This is when the moon is completely full, illuminated by the sun.

Waning Gibbous Moon:  Waning means getting smaller (decreasing) so this is where the moon is getting smaller, till it is half illuminated again.

Third Quarter: This is when the moon is half full again (like 1st quarter phase).

Waning Crescent:  The final phase of the cycle, this is when we can see less than half of the moon lit up in the sky, and it ends when the sun and the moon rise again together signaling the start of a new lunar cycle with a New Moon.


How can you use the Lunar Cycle for hair care?

The idea is that the moon’s powers of expansion are strongest when it’s growing ( Waxing phases) until it becomes a Full Moon. So, if you cut your hair during this phase of growth, you’re encouraging your hair to grow, that means you can have a haircut at any time between Waxing Gibbous Moon and a Full Moon. This is why people sometimes say cut your hair on the 13th and 14th of a Hijri month because that is when the moon is in Waxing Gibbous and Full Moon respectively.

It is also thought that your body and your hair will readily take in any nutrients you’re giving it, this means this is the best time to use hair masks and treatments on your hair because their chances of penetrating your hair deeper with higher efficiency are higher.


Different hair goals mean cutting your hair in different phases of the moon:

  • For Faster Growth: Get a haircut during the 2 weeks before the moon is full, so that means any of the phases before “Full Moon”
  • For Fuller Hair: Getting a trim or a haircut at the start of the Full Moon when it’s fully illuminated.


As we mentioned before, farmers who use the Biodynamic gardening method go to the moon for the best days to grow their crops, these also happen to be the best days to grow your hair. Here’s the Almanac, the book used for centuries by farmers to the predict weather forecast and know exactly which phase is the moon going to be in and when. You can use it to set up an appointment for your next haircut, freaky I know, but it works!


Don’t forget to share this with everyone you know who wants luscious fast growing hair, so that’s basically your entire family and your cat!