Summer is officially here which means that summer break started for a lot of kids. Queue in the sports training, playtime with friends and family game night every weekend. However, with today’s technology, smartphones, tablets, and PlayStation consoles, we hardly find our children doing an activity that’s fun and yet teaches them valuable life lessons anymore.

Well, today we’re here to tell you about a new board game they can play that will not only keep them thoroughly entertained, but it will also teach them life lessons derived from the 5 pillars of Islam.


What is “Glow”?

It’s a fun board game that can be played from 2 -4 players, developed by Grow n Glow. It helps children learn lessons about life that can make them better people. Although it says it can be played by children aged 6 and above, we tried it with a 4-year-old and she not only understood the game but she loved it too. So, you can start them young and teach them about Islam without them feeling like they’re being lectured.

What Kind of Lessons Do They Learn?

They can learn how to tell the truth even when it’s the hard thing to do. The game will teach your children how to be polite and how to respond if they see someone being bullied. They’ll also learn Islam related things like who should fast in Ramadan and the right way to respond to violence in school. Because it’s a board game, so they’ll have fun learning about their Religion while learning how to be a decent well behaved individual.

How Does it Work?

There are three categories of cards in the game, “I Glow” “I Grow” and “I Know”. The game has dice and pawns and works like a regular board game. After you roll your dice you move your pawn accordingly, if you land on a trophy icon, you choose a card from the “I Grow” pile and read it aloud.

If you land on the Star Icon you choose from the “I Glow” pile and from the ” I Know” pile if you land on the Pillars icon. Then you choose the best scenario from the 3 or 4 written on the card that you feel would please Allah and encourage good deeds. You then let other players check the answer key sheet to see if your answer is right or wrong and why.

If you choose correctly you get points if you’ve chosen wrong you don’t get any points. You keep moving through the board and the first player to cross the finish line gets an extra 50 points. That’s it, the player with the highest points in the end wins. The game has a lot more fun little tricks that you can discover when you play it yourself with the family.


We’re really proud that something like this exists in Egypt. It helps to feel safe knowing that while our children are playing for hours on end, its not a waste of their time since they’re also using this time doing something that will help them in the future. You can find Grow N’ Glow’s board game “Glow” at Hedeya Stores. You can also order from their Instagram account.