It’s no secret that in Egypt most people drive like they’re in their favorite sequel of “Fast and Furious” with total disrespect for the laws of the road. This could possibly be why the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report putting Egypt in the top 10 countries globally for the number of fatal road accidents.

That’s not all. In the 2016 press release issued by The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) for car accidents, it was revealed that 72% of traffic accidents in Egypt occur due to human error. That means, the increasing number of fatal car accidents especially on highways this time of year isn’t just due to tires blowing out and vehicle malfunctions.

Since according to the report August and July usually had the highest number of accidents we figured this was the perfect time to tell you 4 simple things you can do to ensure you have a safe car trip, be it a trip to Sahel or your local supermarket.


Don’t speed, race or tailgate, you’re not in a movie

As fun as you think it is to drive as fast as you can, putting your life and those around you in danger, just take a minute to imagine that you were your future son or daughter currently speeding right now. Would you want them to “have fun” like you are now? The feeling you just felt is how you’re making your parents and everyone who loves you feel, you’re putting your own life in danger, let alone those in your way. You could get into an accident and come out of it without a scratch, and the same wouldn’t be said about the people you crashed into, you could be the reason someone loses a child, or a mother or a sibling. In the words of Douglas Horton, “Drive slow and enjoy the scenery or drive fast and join the scenery.”


Designated driving, find out what it really means

Let’s say you’re in Sahel, you’ve been partying all night and let’s say you’ve had a drink or two but you “feel fine”, it is still NEVER okay for you to drink and drive. Your blood’s alcohol level can actually still rise up to 3 hours after you stop drinking, that means it doesn’t matter if you just had one drink or four, you are still not fully competent to drive safely without having your senses impaired. This is why if you choose to “party” with friends, you have to establish who will be the designated driver for the night. Make sure this person doesn’t even have one sip of alcohol because everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different and one sip for someone can do the same damage as 2-3 drinks for someone else.


Driving while sleep deprived is the same as DUI (Driving Under The Influence)

While in the topic of being a good designated driver, driving sober also includes you having adequate hours of sleep before you get behind the wheel. Just because you don’t drink, inhale or eat anything that could be hindering your senses doesn’t mean you will drive with 100% brain power if you’re sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation happens way too often without us noticing it, especially during our summer vacation. We wake up early to get as much beach time as we can and stay up all night playing boards games, laughing with friends and often end up catching the sunrise, only to repeat it all bright and early the next day. This leaves our bodies needing sleep more than we acknowledge while we’re having fun. So, make sure you’re getting at least 6 hours of sleep if you plan to be the designated driver or else say that you’re not okay to drive.


You are never too cool for a seat belt

Some people who don’t like wearing a seatbelt while driving actually refuse to wear it because they think it will tarnish their ” Toretto” vibe. Well, we’ve got nothing to say more than this is not a movie, you are not Vin Diesel and your car is not going to miraculously keep you alive in a car crash without a seatbelt. Just wear your seatbelts and stop the non-sense. Being safe is cool, and caring for the safety of those riding with you (by insisting that everyone wears their seatbelt) is cool. Bottom line is, you can’t be cool if you’re dead, so wear your seat belt!


Avoid distracted driving

We understand we live in a time where multitasking is second nature to most of us, but driving can never be a task you add to your multitasking agenda. Driving while doing anything else will most definitely heighten your chances of getting into a car accident. Even if you think that second it takes you to bite into that sandwich won’t impair your ability to drive safely just remember your last car crash and how much you wished you had just a one or two seconds more to divert your car out of the way. So next time you’re driving, don’t eat, drink, put on makeup, or fight over who controls the music, it’s simply not worth it.


Highway deaths resulting from car accidents have risen by a significant 14.7% in a report from CAPMAs in 2016, but if you follow these 4 easy rules on your next trip to Sahel, hopefully, you will be contributing to a decline in deaths on the highway in this year’s report. Drive slow, wear your seatbelt, pay attention to the road and stay safe.

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