I for one never liked going to the dentist. I’ve always hated the experience from start to finish. I never thought I would feel any differently about the dentist’s office until I walked into Shiny White’s Dental Care clinic. The design alone took me by surprise to the point where If it wasn’t for the sign, I’d swear I was in the wrong place. They designed the place to calm even the most anxious patient and help them enjoy the process as much as possible and that’s just one of the many ways this dental clinic is changing the dentistry game as we know it.


Their Waiting Area Is Designed with the Patient in Mind

Actually, the entire place was designed with the patient’s well being in mind. But their waiting area in specific really threw me off guard when I first got in. I can honestly say I’ve never entered a doctor’s office that looked like this before.

The white design was made to ensure your anxiety doesn’t flare up. With the greenery added to make waiting a lot less dreary. They even have Charging Portals on every bench so you can charge your phone while you wait. Not that this could get any better but there’s also a vending machine on the premises in case you feel like eating something before your appointment.

The best thing about their waiting rooms is that before you go you need to make an appointment, which they stick to. So, your literal waiting time is no more than 5 minutes.

Not to mention that they also have a VIP lounge where you can wait if you’ve just had surgery or had a painful dental operation and you want a place to rest.


There Is a Sub-Specialist for Every Dental Problem You Could Possibly Have

Apparently, having the dentist that does your root canal treatment be the same one that installs your crown and whitens your teeth is not such a good thing. All over the world, when you go to any dental clinic you’ll find a dentist specializing in a specific part of dentistry and that’s how Shiny White does it.

They have over 200 professionals, each one specializing in one particular area. This way no matter what you’re doing at the dentist you know you’re in the most capable hands possible.

On top of that, each specialization has its own room(s) that are fully equipped to do just that one specialization. There is a room for Diagnosis, Crowns/Caps, Endodontist, Orthodontics and Prosthodontics, Surgery and a room for kids. Each room has its own color and when you’re inside a specialist is the one who handles everything and once you’re done he guides you to the next specialist your case needs.

You Can Do All the X-Rays and Laboratory Work in One Place

Shiny White dental care center has its own state of the art x-ray and laboratory equipment all in the same place. So, if they ask you for an x-ray, you don’t need to wait a couple of days to go to another x-ray place. They just lead you to the x-ray room they have. This also means you can do any blood tests at the same place you get your dental diagnosis.

When you first go to their clinic, the first thing you do before a diagnosis specialist looks at your teeth is an x-ray of your mouth and I’m not just talking about the regular “Panorama” scan we all do. They take it a step further and do a CT x-ray scan because your dentist can never be a 100% sure of what the problem is without this extra step. They also have a digital microscope that can help them specify where exactly your roots are and what shape they’re in.

They can tell if your root is rotting, if you’ve got an infection that isn’t showing yet and so much more just from those tests even before they see the inside of your mouth. It’s also a great tool for them to show you what you have and make you understand how your treatment plan will go.


They Have State of the Art Technology

When I say state of the art I mean it. For instance, they have this surgical instrument that helps provides technology navigation guided implant surgery. Which means while they perform dental implant surgery (literally giving people new teeth) this machine helps them see where exactly they can implant each tooth. There is only 15 of it worldwide, and one of them is at Shiny White Dental Clinics. This is just one small reason why they have a 98% success rate of dental implant surgery which is an impressive statistic since this particular surgery has a worldwide failure rate of 11% and above.



They also have 3 television screens in every room you get your teeth done in. One to show you the x-ray results you had before your diagnosis. One for the doctor and yourself to see through a camera they insert in your mouth while working what’s going on, so you’re always in the know of what’s happening (if you want to see that is). One television screen that’s hung up on the ceiling that airs Tv shows and anything else you want to watch to help distract you from that fact that you’re getting your teeth checked.


I could go on forever about this clinic because I kid you not it looked exactly like it does in the pictures, and I’m still in awe that such a professional dental care center exists here in 4 different locations. Shiny White Dental Care clinics are located in Nasr City, Maadi, 5th Settlement and their newest clinic is opening in 6th of October (Sheikh Zayed) very soon. So they’ve quite literally covered all of Egypt.