Hello Cairenes,


Truth be told. I’m a YouTube addict.


So today I thought I would share with you some (yes these are only some)  of my favourite YouTubers that embody the lifestyle myself and my fellow  Conscious Cairenes strive to pursue. I specifically chose channels that would mostly fall under the genre of wellness for the sake of the theme of my articles. They’re all incredibly inspiring and I couldn’t recommend subscribing to them enough.

What I love about YouTube is the extent to which you really get to connect to the people and their content. There isn’t a medium of expression that really allows you to connect with your audience greater than through videography. With the help of constant innovation, documenting can be done through literally any camera phone, and delivered with apps like YouTube. We get to learn so much through what other people choose to share on their platforms. There has never been a time where information and creativity were so well intertwined to inspire individuals. Theses YouTubers do just that


1- Ellen Fisher

My favourite carefree island mama on the internet! Ellen’s vlogs range from “What I eat in a Day” videos, to a day in the life with her vegan family. She pursues a vegan minimalistic lifestyle while raising her 3 kids alongside her husband Andrew Fisher. Ellen Fisher is so inspiring and her little vegan munchkins aren’t too hard to watch every other day either. Here editing is insanely good, and it’s pretty cool to see how her youtube channel has progressed over time.


2- Deliciously  Ella

This channel should be every wanna be vegan’s holy grail! Deliciously Ella regularly posts high-quality plant-based healthy recipes on her channel. They’re all so delicious. She’ll definitely make you love your broccoli.


3- Yes Theory

Unlike most of the channels on this list, Yes Theory’s videos aren’t recipes, or cute babies, and sustainable living. However, their message is one you need to definitely embody to live a life with a healthy open minded mindset. They’ll inspire you to take on that dream job you’ve been ignoring because its “too risky”.   They’ll push to go on that trip you’ve been dreaming about, or simply just start waking up earlier in the morning. Yes Theory will allow you to pursue that fulfilling authentic life you really wanna pursue.

4- Bonny Rebecca

Okay, so Bonny Rebecca is probably one of the reasons I really want move to Australia. That’s besides the fact that most of the YouTubers I regularly watch are Australian. Bonny’s vlogs will take you into the life of a young woman striving to live her best healthy lifestyle. One of the things I really admire about Bonny is how authentic her content is. Her tips and tricks are all pretty realistic and easy to apply to your own lifestyle. She was one of the first people on the internet to really show me how easy it is to pursue a vegan lifestyle. She also recently adopted a little pup that’s way too cute for life.


5- Sarah’s Day

This channel to me is the epitome of productivity and getting going. Whenever I watch one of Sarah’s videos I feel the need to write down a to-do list or organise my pantry. Keeping up with Sezzy (her nickname) is definitely a must. She’s the only non-vegan vlogger of all the foodies on this list.

6- StyleLikeU

So just like Yes Theory, I added this channel to the list because of the message they’re delivering.  These videos are a reminder that self-acceptance is key for a healthy mind. Their videos feature men and women from all different walks of life sharing their stories. They’re stripping themselves literally and figuratively in order to shed light on the conversation of identity.


7- Moon & Rock

I am a fairly new subscriber to this channel. Which means I haven’t binged every single video yet. However, the fact that it has made it to this list just shows how much I enjoyed the few videos I’ve watched. The videos on this channel will leave you feeling as good as you would if you were coming out of a yoga class. Meagan and Evan pursue a holistic lifestyle all about intuitively going about your day. They’ve recently extended to a little fam of three which will leave in awe too.

8- Tess Begg

This little Australian lady will make you want to get your butt to the gym. She’ll also enable you to workout wherever whenever. Her recipes are insanely delicious too! Her e-book is the only reason I made through my first year of university. She’s a hardcore vegan and her compassion beams through all her conscious purchases and recipes!


9- Sarah Lemkus

This New Zealand born Australian living healthy vegan mama is one to subscribe to for sure. Her little munchkins will definitely give you some serious baby fever. Her vlogs are very well edited which makes them all the more fun to watch. I personally can’t deal with a poorly edited vlog. Ugh.

10- Yoga with Adrienne

Yoga with Adrienne is a channel for all my yogis out there! Experts and beginners alike will find a flow on this channel to practice anytime anyplace. I first started practicing with Adrienne online when I wasn’t too sure about yoga. Look at me now all obsessed with Yoga! I still watch her videos to learn new poses and practice what I learn in class as well.


Really hope you find some inspiration through one of these channels. I personally love them all!

YouTube as a platform has given so many people an outlet to create and share their curated stories. I personally would love to add to it soon.  I would also like to note that as much as these videos are really unscripted, authentic, and seem super genuine, it is important to remember that they’re edited to perfection. They portray exactly what the creator wants to deliver. These videos show a very small glimpse of these individuals lives. No one’s life is as aesthetically pleasing as the internet might make it seem.


Yours Truly,

The Conscious Cairene

P.S. Casey Neistat is my all time favourite YouTuber 🙂