Hello Cairenes!


To entrepreneurs working in the scene of all things wellness in Cairo, this one’s for you!


Now let’s be real. Every business needs to grow. no matter how much it really wants to help people or provide clean, healthy, sustainable products/services. Growth isn’t happening in our capitalist society without inflow of some serious money.  That can be hard for a lot of entrepreneurs who really want to expand whilst keeping their products and services as natural as possible. Especially with the lack of awareness, we have in Egypt on healthy living. So listen up! I ’ve got some advice for you that I have come up with based on my experience of pursuing a healthy lifestyle in Cairo, compared to my experience of pursuing this same lifestyle in London. Not to mention I also study management with marketing, so this topic is definitely of interest to me.


I want to address the lack of support wellness brands have for each other in Cairo. The wellness scene barely exists in our country, therefore, entrepreneurs within the scene should be working together in order to raise awareness about the collective message we all share. Which, is to promote healthy balanced lifestyles. Small businesses especially within a niche market like that of wellness, work together. We aren’t competitors, we are pioneers working towards the same goal. To believe otherwise, would weaken your ability in educating your consumers on how to live a wholesome lifestyle in Cairo. It would also entail losing some of the key values that this movement really tries to embody.


We need to look at each other as partners. If we swim together as a school of fish would, we can avoid being eaten. Today, small businesses are swimming in an ocean that’s far more grueling than ever before. We are facing inflation, skyrocketing fuel prices, and general economic instability. Wallets are string tight, and good luck getting your hands on some business capital. Beyond all the monetary obstacles the lack of awareness will take us nowhere either.  Now, more than ever we need to band together in order to compete with the corporate fat cats and get our messages across to consumers. As long as we are putting each other down and finding each other threatening then we are really only hurting ourselves. The beautiful causes behind wholesome living need positive people behind them too, and unhealthy competition isn’t it.


Let’s start seeking collaborative relationships with businesses that share the same goals we aspire to meet. You can start by recommending another brand’s products as an option to your client. Or a restaurant’s healthy meals to your detoxers. You can create meetups where entrepreneurs can meet up and bounce different ideas and tactics off of each other. We need to co-exist or else none of us will exist at all.  Make friends with your “competitors” and tap into the power of collaboration and help others grow along with you. Collaboration gives opportunities to others in your network, you will help those in your own field grow which will lead to the entire scene’s growth as a whole.


What I’m getting at is: show some love to your neighbours ! Give a helping hand. Offer your support even if it’s just by word of mouth. We are all fighting the same battle. So, why not fight it together?


With all that said, I also have to acknowledge that there are some brands collaborating and helping one another gain attention and presence. Brands like Glow collaborating with Health coach Dana Dinnawi, or Beano’s collaborating with Yogi and Health Coach, Farah Nofal. You can also see brands like Baked, and Kaju collaborating too! There’s some good stuff here. So, let’s make more of these healthy collaborations visible to our consumers

Yours Truly,

The Conscious Cairene.