We’ve probably all been through the ‘stress & obsess’ phase of trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to a special occasion. Our friends from Coterique, let us in on a little secret that helped make our wardrobe choices so much easier. The secret; dressing  to compliment both your body and mood. If you know what kind of clothes compliment your body and your mood, choosing the perfect outfit becomes a breeze. Some days you want to show off your tiny waist and others you want to cover it all up, as long as you know what you want and what makes you comfortable then picking an outfit is less of a chore.

With valentine’s day right around the corner, we’ve teamed up with the #CotiGirls from Coterique to give you the perfect outfit to compliment you! We don’t know about you, but we’re in love with ALL these looks. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary this year, click on the links and shop, shop, shop!




If you’re curvy then this jumpsuit perfectly highlights your waist! Compliment your outfit and bedazzle with all things fringe you can get your hands on.

Shop the Look : Jumpsuit, Bag, Earring, Ring




Channel your inner wild side with this outfit.

Shop the Look : Top, Skirt, Bag



If you’re in the mood for a sophisticated yet sexy look, this classic red bag sets the mood perfectly when paired with a classic white dress. An outfit made for valentine’s day.

Shop the Look : Dress, Bag




If you’re up for a fun night out, channel your inner 70’s party girl with this Bowie-inspired look!

Shop the Look : Dress, Bag



You can never go wrong with a black dress. Especially when paired with a disco ball black bag!

Shop the Look : Dress, Bag




If you’re planning on spending your special day outside or just prefer to stay warm, this combination screams cozy yet very chic.

Shop the Look : Sweater, Trousers