Have you ever imagined living by the beach all year round?

We bet you have, and we also bet that people keep bursting your daydream bubble telling you things like ” Stop being unrealistic”, “You can’t have the convenience of city life and the relaxation of beach life at the same time”

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too because of “Cairo’s Resort Homes” created by Sarai, Cairo is now the best place to be in Egypt 12 months of the year, and yes, that includes Summertime, all in Cavana, Sarai that’s located in New Cairo.

Cavana is a residential resort inside the Sarai city (that covers 5.5 million m2) that has the first ever Lagoon located in Cairo with an amazing sandy beach that not only lets you go for a quick swim right before work, it has all the fun water activities like kayaking, water sports, and all your beach life dreams. The lagoon has a private beach that’s tailored for kids and adults allowing you to break your monotonous daily routine of work and stress by either taking the family to enjoy a day at the beach without having to drive at least 2 hours in the traffic.

Speaking of traffic, Cavana is the perfect place to escape the hustle bustle of city life without ever leaving the city because this haven is just 15 minutes away from the ring road and so you’re connected to all your favorite hangouts and frequented haunts.

When we think “Live by the beach”, we think beach hut, bungalow, not Stand Alone Villa, Twin House, or even Penthouse, and that is exactly what you’re getting if you decided to live your best life and invest in Cavana, Sarai. They want people to have the best of both worlds and you’ll enjoy the safe, secure community-filled compound life with the light fun-filled air of beach life.

You can go to work and come back to a freshly cleaned home, because of all the fully integrated room service available for all the villas. You can make a delicious dinner for you and your family or decide to go dine out in one of the international restaurants available, what’s better than dining with your loved ones with the relaxing view of the lagoon.

You can chill in your terrace with the view of the water, or go for a stroll barefoot on the clear sandy beach with the wind in your hair, and a skip in your step every day if you want, because you can. You can live a life that has all of the conveniences of living in the capital, never having to leave the familiar roads you’re used to taking every day, and still, enjoy the blissful beach life.


Live your best life at Cavana in Sarai, New Cairo.