With the American International School in Egpyt (AIS) announcing their new fees, and the American University in Cairo (AUC) continuing to raise their prices every semester, it’s time for a unanimous cry from parents all over Egypt.



Total around 132,000 EGP per semester.

264,000 PER YEAR!

No one can keep up with the soaring prices of schools and universities. It’s not just AIS, it just so happens to be that this is the first school to announce it’s new fees after the devaluation of the Egyptian pound. It’s expected that other schools all around Egypt will be increasing their prices one after the other which will inevitably result in many parents reconsidering their school choices.

Osman Badran, an Egyptian parent, responded to the appearance of a spokesperson of the Ministry of Education to TV Host Ahmed Moussa, that AIS is actually under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Meaning that these are the fees AFTER supervision. He pointed out that there is no short or long term plan to improve the quality of national schools or control the pricing of private schools. “If there were good national schools – with tuition – no one would have to resort to these schools.”





Watch Osman Badran’s insightful view on the raising prices of private education and lack of proper public education

Egyptian parents’ arms are being twisted to leave national education schools and pay every penny they have just for their children to get a decent education. But this was the final straw, parents from all corners of society, are unable to pay for proper education. There are zero regulations and zero interventions to better the education situation. As Badran noted, what we need right now are new ideas for improving and changing curriculums, not for a spokesperson of the ministry to accuse the schools of being “for foreigners” and “not under government supervision”

Our unanimous prayers go out to Egyptian parents all around with more than one child, paying their blood and sweat to provide their children with a decent education.