For the health-seekers in Cairo, no words sound better than “fast, convenient and healthy.” Luckily, Cairo is slowly becoming wholesome  as an abundance of brands, shops and products are providing us with all the fresh and nutritious foods we need to stay healthy in the city.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ALL those products could be found in the same place? This Saturday 29th of April, at Downtown Katameya, the second Bazarna Food Market is taking place from 1pm-9m! They are bringing you the business owners and vendors that offer only the finest organic, fresh, home-made delicious food and treats to help fill up your pantry without having to run all around town.

We are huge fans of farmers’ markets. Thats where we usually spend our Saturdays and all for good reasons. Mainly because there is nothing better than being surrounded with crisp fruits and vegetables and natural ingredients to motivate healthy eating for the week ahead. Also because when you shop at the farmers’ market you are buying local and seasonal foods which is good for you, the environment, and the community. The beauty of farmer’s markets is the huge variety of delightful, nutrient-dense produce. The best part is most of the local vendors and growers who are at the farmers’ market are very passionate and hands on with their products. Don’t shy away from asking them questions, they are a wealth of knowledge. You are going straight to the source of all the products that you might see on supermarket shelves and have no idea how or where to include it in your diet.

The impressive list of exhibitors, so far, makes staying healthy seem like a breeze with the illusive variety of goods that will be on display

  • Abu Auf
  • Al Amira Honey
  • Apron
  • Baladini
  • Black Lotus
  • Body Cravings
  • Clouds Egypt
  • Cookies N Pies
  • Cream n rice
  • Eat Neat
  • Fresco
  • Grumart
  • Habiba’s Organic Farm
  • Kham Health Shop
  • Kunava
  • Maghrebyat
  • Matbakh Immy
  • My Jar
  • Mzr3ty
  • Nabta
  • Nature’s Selection
  • Panela Bites
  • Pizza Cone
  • Roots Tea
  • Salma’s Kitchen
  • Seasons Mix
  • Shery’s Bakery
  • Soul & More
  • Tamrtna
  • The Caterer
  • The Picnic Basket
  • Themar
  • Yamanyat
  • Zahrawan
  • Zaytouni


If you’re looking to stock up on peanut butter, freshly baked goods, vegan cheese, raw honey, bread, tea, natural cosmetics, jam, … or just grab a healthy meal – this is where you need to be!
We hope to catch you there.