The designing world is a vast one that has many diversities and a lot of different genres that most people aren’t even aware of. Most people think that most designers are either fashion or interior design, they don’t know that you can be a “Product Designer”. That’s why here we have one of the best Product Designers this country has ever seen, an inspirational soul that designs with all the whimsical colors of the wind to capture your heart, Shosha Kamal. She is the wonder that designed the “Reviving Humanity Memorial” at the 2nd edition of World Youth Center. That is the same memorial that was inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Here she answers questions you need to be answered before becoming a product designer.

What Is a Product Designer?

This is the person who designs any product that is used by consumers. Anything from the mug you’re drinking into the chair you’re sitting on was designed by a product designer.

How Do You Become a Product Designer?

The first thing I recommend is to you start your journey with studying design. You can study Interior, Furniture, or Industrial design. Industrial design is product design that involves automobile designs, machinery and so on. The second thing to do is start reading watching documentaries and just filling your self up with as much knowledge as you can.

What Is One Resource You Recommend for Other Designers?

A valuable resource that I believe all designers need to know about is this documentary Netflix made called “Abstract: The Art of Design”. They got the leading innovating designers in different fields to show people how design impacts all life’s aspects. The best thing about this series is that each designer takes you on their own creative process start to finish when they design something. This is honestly the most beneficial resource I could recommend people because a lot of times people explain the creative process in theoretical terms. However, I for one never benefited that much from that. So, having someone show me what they do when they design something, it gave me whole new insights.

How Did You Transition into Becoming a Product Designer?

Well, I started out as an interior designer. While designing the home or space I’d find myself needing a certain piece to complete the design that I couldn’t find anywhere in the market. So, I started by designing one product and then two and then eventually I decided to make my own line of products. That’s basically how I transitioned into being a product designer.

How Do You Market Yourself as a Designer?

This is a very hard equation to get right. Most of us creative types have this problem with managing a business because our brains are wired differently than that of a business type human. Because we tend to think more creatively, we find our selves struggling to hand the “marketing ourselves” part without hurting our creative process. I still have yet to find an equation where I am able to do both without compromising my creative endeavors. My advice is to partner up with someone who’s really savvy at doing business or hire someone to help you market yourself, that way you can do your part of the job without worrying about hurting the business side of things.