As a beginner in an extremely competitive industry, tell us about how you dealt with self-doubt, and what was your motivation at the most difficult times

I’ve always believed in staying true to my dream, and that dedication, persistence, and patience will always pay off. I also believe in focusing on my own progress, and not looking around to see who is ahead or behind me.

What role did positive energy play in your career in the past years, or maybe a particular situation in which your positivity attracted more success? 

I’ll tell you how I turned around negativity to positive motivating energy. In the beginning of my life, I faced a lot of hate that can drag the strongest people down not just a young guy in his early 20’s. I asked myself how am I supposed to achieve my goals amidst the negativity and I noticed the answer was right in front of me. As I connected my phone to electricity to charge it, I saw it light up even though the voltage in electricity is powerful enough to destroy anything but the phone uses this killer power and converts it to its own good to light up. A phone is a man made object, therefore, I can easily convert all the negativity that’s thrown at me to build the tallest building where I can stand on top of it.

What are some habits that you integrate into your daily routine to remain positive?

The one habit would have to be that I don’t allow anyone to tell me any bad catastrophic news, I only want to know about positive things happenings with the world.

How do you protect yourself from the negativity around you?

I’m aware that staying positive takes effort, so I do my best to always train my brain to stay positive by joking around and telling funny stories that brighten people’s mood even if that is not how I really feel on the inside. I also pray a lot, especially during sunset, I just raise my eyes to the sky and speak my mind.

How have you taken a failure in your life and turned it into success? 

When I decided to compose a song called “راحت حبيبتى”, it was like going to war with the media. That was the first time I composed a song, and they all said pretty much the same thing: Tamer you haven’t even succeeded yet in your singing career to start something new.I was being called a Jack of all trades and a Master of none. However, after the success of the song, I insisted on taking on the challenge and showing everyone that I can write, compose, and sing. And I did, for the following year I composed ” “عيونه دار” ونورعيني” و”قولي بحبك” و”كل مره” all in one year and they were all popular and it was the beginning of my stardom not just in Egypt but in the Middle East as well.

At that time, I paused to think about what they said about being a Jack of all trades and Master of none, who even came up with this expression and why am I to listen to it and follow it like a parrot without knowing if this expression goes with who I am or not.

I dug deeper within myself and I was surprised to find a film writer as well and when I announced that I am going to write my first movie, all hell broke loose with the media again, they attacked me with some of the most negative comments.

That war with the media became a challenge that motivates me to succeed more and prove everyone wrong again. I had a break through and decided to let go of a mentality that we barely even stop to think about. “عمر و سلمى”, my first movie was a BIG HIT and broke the record in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern Cinema.

This was when I realized that I have a vision and personal perspective that is different than what my great grandparents have been saying for years. I understand that there is wisdom for us to learn from them but we can employ different thinking patterns depending on what we are doing in life and the kind of world we are living in.

Now I say that I am a Jack of all trades, Master of all, as long as I do it all with passion and do them right.