Nesma El Shazly, a star when it comes to PR consultancy, producing, songwriting and pretty much anything else you can think of. She is the founder of Stardust PR. Agency and is here to tell you a few tips when it comes to excellent PR practices.

How exactly do you position a client?

The first thing you do is study what does your client do exactly. What gives them an edge, something that makes them unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Then you look at the message they want to reflect. Some clients could want to reflect that they’re cool, edgy and hip while others want to reflect sophistication and elegance. You have to cater to each client’s wishes, and most of the time each client is different than the next.
The next thing you do is focus on all the suitable ways you can position your client to correctly reflect their desired message.  It could be extremely important for a musician, for instance, to tell their story and what inspires their music. This could make their audience want to connect with the artist more, you see where I’m going with this.

Why is every contact important?

In some professions, people might feel that selectivity with their network is an advantage, that is certainly not the case in PR. The wider your network, the wider the exposure you’ll get. In PR, every contact is important because it widens your network and increases the number of opportunities that can arise from that network. It’s as simple as that!

Why do you need to plan ahead?

You can’t wing it when doing PR, because it usually backfires if you do. So, you need to plan very well to be able to properly deliver the exact message your client wants to deliver to their audience. Most clients nowadays especially with the use of social media want to make sure their audience is not confused about what they stand for, their ethics, and what they do exactly. You need to plan good timing, the right people to use in your campaigns and the context your campaign will serve in. All of this needs proper planning techniques, you can’t just wing good PR.