You’re a new wife, your cooking skills aren’t great quite yet and you have a new home that you want (need!) to host in. How do you manage to provide a meal for your friends and family that’s traditionally delicious without burning down the kitchen? Mom…are you there? Wrong!

While moms are a great way to learn how to keep cuisine traditions alive, it’s also not her job to help you host all your 3zoomet. She should be able to enjoy just like any other guest and not be stuck in the kitchen of your new house. Thankfully, while you’re still learning to cook and host there is another solution to keep everyone happy in the meantime; Yumamia!

Not exactly sure what Yumamia is? It’s a food ordering website for Egypt’s most talented home cooks and bakers. Simply browse their menu of readymade food or half cooked. Next, select the dishes you like and specify any dietary requests you have. Then all you have to do is wait for your home-cooked meal to be delivered right to your doorstep. Be sure to plan ahead for your 3zooma and get your order in a few days ahead of time, as all their items are extra fresh and made to order.

Yumamia is there to help the new wife (and her mother) stay sane, and keep guests’ bellies full. Their frozen and fresh options allow you to plan as far in advance as you want, and their variety of appetizers all the way down to desserts means you can choose those not yet mastered or time consuming dishes you’d rather skip making yourself. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help, but with the completely reasonable prices and unmatched home cooked quality of Yumamia, you really won’t have to consider asking your mom again.

Staple appetizers like stuffed vine leaves and sambousek are essential, but take a lot of work to create. Not planning on learning how to stuff mombar anytime soon, but not impressed with the local grocer’s options? Yumamia offers family and more personalized serving sizes to help you serve the essentials without the risk.

Having frozen and pre-prepared food items in the house is also an easy and wholesome way to help include new husbands in the kitchen. You can plan ahead by keeping both your favorite items in the freezer or fridge, and the  next time he starts to have a craving for his top home cooked pick all he has to do is put it in the oven. Newlyweds really can’t ask for more while learning to juggle a new life together.

Not only is the convenience of Yumamia something to welcome in your newly shared life, but it’s also home cooked, and home cooked means someone had to make it. Real women and mothers work out of the comfort of their own home in their pre-approved kitchens that have been quality checked and stocked by Yumamia, ensuring both quality and taste of the materials and food used, and empowering women to earn money through their own entrepreneurial spirit. So maybe it’s not you or your mom putting the food on the table this time around, but it’s another woman providing for herself and her family from her own skills and her own kitchen, and that is something we can all stand for.

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