As women, it continually seems we have a lot bigger load placed on our shoulders as we age, especially if our vision for our future involves any form of work and raising a family. In the midst of family planning and raising kids, it can be hard not to let our personal goals and dreams get pushed to the side, or altogether lost – lost in the chores, lost in the laundry, lost in the potty training and thrown out with the diapers. Getting adjusted to running a household in itself is exhausting, so imagining starting a business or pursuing a tenacious career on top of it basically seems impossible, right? Wrong. We see so many talented women do it all the time; the question is how do they do it?

Answering that question is what inspired the working mom’s behind Expand Business Development, a company who fosters start up business plans, to organize MomPreneurs, coming up this October 22nd at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, New Cairo. Expand has gathered other successful entrepreneurial mothers and women on board to help you put all those genius ideas into action. Whether it’s through personal narratives about expanding a career and raising twins from Yasmine Yeya, hearing Dina El Mufty of Injaz Egypt describe what motivated her to help others’ kids, the story of media maven Amy Mowafi, how to stay fit with a packed schedule from Sara Taha, achieving flawless weekly food prep from Amina Rahsad or how to look and feel great by talented designer Deana Shaaban, MomPreneurs will be covering every angle.

The all-day event will be broken into four segments; the first featuring personal testimonies of successful women, the second sponsored by The Daily Crisp and focusing on the hands on how-to’s of maintaining health and wellness in your busy personal and family schedule, the third for one-on-one management consultations, and the fourth is a full on networking lunch to dine and connect with presenters and other attendants alike. There will also be vendors from women and mom based businesses with a healthy variety of products and goods available. MomPreneurs isn’t exclusive to just moms either, and is an excellent way of helping those with their eye on the future put their dreams into action too, regardless of their marital status or number of children. Needless to say, all women from all walks of life are welcome and it’s going to be a jam-packed day of inspiration, ideas, tools and support!

Though reliable childcare can be a challenge in Egypt, MomPreneurs also has that covered. Children of all ages are also welcome, thanks to Leap Development Hub providing education based childcare for the little ones and Kids’ Workshop getting in the entrepreneurial spirit with a themed project to keep your adolescent offspring busy.

Keep up to date on speakers, details, and the more than 50 different ticket locations all over Egypt on MomPreneurs’ Facebook event page. For those of you extra busy tech savvy ladies out there, book your ticket online directly through Ticketsmarche here. We can’t wait to see you all there!