Most, if not all of us refuse to drink tap water in Egypt due to the excessive residue and toxins in the water. Which raises the question of why would you put the same water you refuse to drink onto your skin? When we take a hot shower, we put ourselves at risk of inhaling steam that includes toxins such as chlorine – which can cause skin and eye irritation, have a negative effect on the health of our lungs and provoke asthma.

Needless to say that when I came across the idea of “shower filters” I was intrigued. Instead of adopting a new routine for my hair and skin, all I had to do was make a one-time investment and get a shower filter. Shower filters remove all the unwanted toxins and harsh chemicals from the water that we apply onto our skin and hair. After some research, I found that there were a few brands selling shower filters here in Egypt but I landed on one specific brand; Hzwo, a German brand that is being sold in Egypt -as their filtering system was like no other.The water goes through a 7-stage filtering process, which makes it more powerful than the other ones as it purifies the water as well as add beneficial minerals and maintains just the right level of pH.

So, I got a shower filter and decided to test it for three weeks.

During these three weeks, I decided to keep my routine exactly the way it’s been; same skin and hair products. The only change was that I spent 2 minutes adding a shower filter and the journey began!


First Thoughts:

After the first shower, I was actually surprised that the water was not the same water I’ve been using at all! The Hzwo Filtered water had a much softer feel and it did not smell like the chlorine water we’re used to. Having sensitive skin, I immediately noticed that the water was less harsh on my skin I no longer came out of the shower all bright red.  Prior to using the shower filter, I had already experienced the occasional breakout but instead of trying to get rid of it by popping it or covering it up with products, I decided to leave it be and see if the new shower filter would help with this!

Hair Transformation: 

After the first week, I could already see that when I left my hair to air-dry it was less frizzy that it usually is. My hair has always been wavy and light in texture, which for me always meant endless frizz as soon as my hair dries after showering. Resulting in the overuse of hair oils and serums to try and tame it down. Both these pictures are post-shower using no leave-in products. Not only did I have less frizz by the end of the three weeks, but my hair was softer in appearance and looked more alive that it usually did – which meant that I needed fewer products!

Even three days after I had last washed my hair using the shower filter, my hair was still visibly less frizzy than it used to be pre-shower filter days.

Three Days After Washing Hair


Skin Transformation: 

After only two weeks of using the shower filter, my skin was appearing to be less dry after showering and my breakouts were also visibly starting to disappear but not completely gone yet. After three weeks, I noticed that I had almost completely stopped using skin moisturizer! I’d been suffering from eczema for quite a while, and after three weeks the spots and breakouts actually cleared up. Proving that no matter what products you use, at the end of the day it’s about the water that you apply on your skin. Removing all the metals and harsh toxins from the water we apply to our body and face every day is essential to maintaining our overall wellbeing.


Throughout the three weeks, I was very dedicated to using ONLY filtered shower water on my skin and hair. One of my favorite things about the filter I got was how easily I could remove it from my shower, and take it with me anywhere. Which meant filtered shower water at the gym as well!

The Hzwo shower filter fits right into the palm of your hands.


If you’re ready to ditch the excessive hair and skin products and spend your money on the one product that will actually give you better skin and hair, you can order your own shower filter through Hzwo Egypt by visiting their website here or their facebook page here.  You can order the filter in several colors, to best match your bathroom.


I chose the silver filter which fit perfectly into my shower!