If you’re experiencing Ramadan in Egypt than you know that Ramadan and Television Shows come hand in hand in our country. That being said, I have never been one to watch any Egyptian show during the holy month, until now! This show was sent to me by a friend who knew I’d love it. Though I was highly skeptical that I’d like it, I was hooked from minute 1. I couldn’t believe a show like this existed and was even created by an Egyptian man! I was all kinds of proud.
I’m talking about Plant B, a show by the infamous Bassem Youssef about being plant based. Every episode is short from 10-20 mins long and features an impressive array of experts, doctors and live case studies of people whose live changed to the better by being plant based.
We’ve interviewed the brain behind the project himself, Bassem Youssef, here’s why he started this show and what you can benefit from watching it.

You’ve Been on a Plant Based Diet for 6 Years, Why Decide to Create Something like This Now?

This is not a recent thing. I have been fighting to produce this series for the last 5 years and I always dreamt of having all of those global experts on the show. Of course this was hindered by me moving from one country to the other, problems related to my situation and finding the right funding

Deciding to Create a Show in a Middle Eastern Country That Could Eat Meat for Every Meal with so Much Effort, Heart and Production Value Must Have Felt like a Clear Risk. What Made You Do It Still?

Yes, it was a risk and many people discouraged me and even made fun of me. Same thing happened when I wanted to turn my YouTube show to television, same when I wanted to do live theater, same when I started a new career in the US with a language that is not mine to an audience that doesn’t know me. But I am used to that. Also I have seen how I changed individuals just by talking to them and reasoning with them. So, I believe that people would listen if you talk to them the right way.

You Obviously Knew That Convincing the Egyptian People That Giving up Meat and Milk Will Make Them and Their Children Live Healthier Would Be Nothing Short of a Mission Impossible. How Did You Plan to Tackle That Major Hurdle?

You will be surprised how people know deep inside that they feel unhealthy. There is always “something” there. Thats why you find many people jumping around from one diet to the other, one restrictive system to another. So I know that people would listen because they need someone to speak to them as adults who have control over their own destiny. There is a misconception that people are easily fooled. But if you respect their minds and put in the hard work they will listen. We created a very comprehensive website. We worked so hard to bring the best doctors, athletes and success stories out there. We validated every single piece of information and had medical experts reviewing our scripts. So you will notice that even people who are not interested in the diet still appreciate the effort exerted there.

Why Should People Do the 21 Day Challenge? What Could They Expect Afterward?

There have been many studies related to human behaviour that concludes that 21 days is a good period to give up or acquire a certain habit. We felt that this is a doable time to ask people to do it and we have seen that many people have already felt a huge difference in their health.

Now That You’ve Seen How People Are Loving the Show, and How the People’s Response Is Totally Not How You Would Expect the Egyptian People to React to the Thought of Being Plant Based, What Future Plans Do You Have to Help Them Stay on This Lifestyle? What More Can We Expect from Plant B?

I have many dreams concerning this. I already have an idea about a much bigger global show but my dreams are not limited to the media. I want to take this message to bigger platforms. I want to be in a position where I can persuade communities and even governments to support such a lifestyle. I want this to be front and center in the conversations around food sustainability, climate change and healthcare politics.
As you can see, this is just the tip beginning of Plant B and plant based related projects for Bassem Youssef and we can not be more excited!! Since you’re probably itching to see the first episode by now, here it is, but beware, it is life changing!
There are 6 episodes (even though we wish there was way more) with 5 “Extra” episodes complimenting them. All episodes are in Arabic with English subtitles, so no matter what language you speak you can understand the entire episode. You can find everything at his website Plantb.tv and on Youtube. This is a show your eyes, mind and pretty much every organ in your body will thank you for watching!