As humans, we have the urge to blossom in our own unique way – we thrive in doing so every day of our lives. We dig to find ourselves and strive to reach that ultimate feeling of well being and meaningfulness. At times it’s family stability. Other times it’s excelling in our career. Whatever it is that we do it’s all an attempt to self-actualize. But wait a minute. That’s all easier said than done. You know the time where you gave something in your life your all and put in the effort and still felt incomplete or dissatisfied? This is because most of the time we forget the golden rule for well being which lies in one simple word—balance.

Balancing our lives requires us first to know what our lives are all about – what is important for you, what you give value to. There is no template or one size fits all ticking chart for that, but there are some basics to help manage our thoughts and emotions and further find stability in our minds. We tend to focus on one or two aspects of our lives and give them full throttle energy, time and thought. Whether we like it or not something else around you and inside of you will be starving and needs more nourishment.

There are so many parts of you that need to be met because most of us have four, six, maybe ten different roles that we are playing. Student, mother, friend, wife, daughter, business women, athlete – a person with so many aspirations and things you want to do, that if you take one aspect of your life and focus on it, giving it your all and succeeding in it, leaving the rest behind, you’ll lose balance and ultimately feel lost.

Put everything into perspective and give every element of your life the right amount of thought, time, and energy. Working on your social relationships and leaving out your career or hobbies will leave you useless and empty. Likewise, having a grand career, one that fulfills all of your interests and not giving your family and friends the right amount of quality time, will also leave you in constant guilt trips and obstacles. It’s never enough to go to the gym, have a fantastic workout plan and poor nutrition. And vice versa. It all matters, and it all weaves into one story. Maybe you won’t have the perfect balance, but at least you’re on the right track of not leaving any part of you hungry for satisfaction. It’s almost like we’re redefining the meaning of success for ourselves and taking a journey within to find our own balance.

Take a couple steps back and ask yourself, where are the areas in my life today that I need to work on? Who do I need to give more quality time? What about my health, do I need to take care of it more? What did I do about my dreams and goals that I had a while back? How about my friends and family? Almost like a self-reassessment to find a balance. Today is the day to take all matters back into your control and not let those areas of your life control you and your time. It’s time to find that wholesome you.