If you’re trying to cut unhealthy eating habits out of your life, but you absolutely HATE salad, or if you’re trying to find a healthy diet that doesn’t include salad, this article was made for you!

Here’s the thing,

The reason why you hate salad probably lies in your unhealthy eating habits. What I mean is that some foods you eat alter your taste buds in a way that makes you reject organic food.

You’ll not find a reliable healthy diet plan that doesn’t include salads and vegetables. In fact, 90% of the healthy meal plans involve adding more vegetables to your daily food intake.

If you’re seeking an alternative for an amazing food experience that will change your life, you probably won’t find it.

Here’s the good news though,

You can heal your taste buds and train them to enjoy healthy food by avoiding these 3 foods.

1- Fast Food

If you want to mess up your taste buds, eat fast food!

Fast-food chain restaurants add ridiculous amounts of fat, sugar, and salt which are “tasty” kinds of food. This can potentially mess up your taste buds.


How Do They Mess with Your Taste Buds?

When your brain gets used to the taste of fat, sugar, and salt, it raises your bar for what food is “tasty.” Your brain starts setting high expectations for any food that you consume.

So, when you eat a tomato off a good old salad bowl, you feel like it tastes off and you don’t like it.


Here’s What You Can Do Instead

Practice eating food when it’s closest to its raw state. Meaning, learn to eat raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Also, eat home-cooked food with reasonable amounts of sugar, salt or fat. This will change your brain’s expectations of what tasty food feels like and make you eat healthier.


2- Smoking (I’m not gonna tell you to quit)

According to Allen Carr’s book, some toxins in cigarettes work to “dull” your taste buds.

What Does That Mean?

If you’re a heavy smoker, you’re probably not stimulated by food so much unless it is very high in stimulants (fat, sugar, salt).

On top of that, smokers tend to eat faster. When I used to smoke, I enjoyed my meals of course. However, my real treat was the cigarette I had after I was done with eating.

Subconsciously, I would try to eat faster to get to the smoking part quickly.


Here’s What You Can Do Instead

Be aware of the effects of your smoking. If you’re a smoker and you hate salad, acknowledge that smoking is probably causing this hate. Also, try to fight it by introducing more plant-based foods as a side dish to the food you usually enjoy eating.

For ideas about plant-based foods, you can find locally, read our exclusive guide to plant-based food in Egypt

3- Dehydration

Yes, that’s not something you consume. This is something you do. If you don’t drink water regularly throughout your day, you may be dehydrated.

How Does Dehydration Ruin Your Taste Buds?

When you’re dehydrated or your mouth is dry, your saliva starts having a salty taste. This taste may ruin your eating experience and make tasty food taste bad.

Here’s What You Can Do Instead

You fix this by carrying a small bottle of water on you at all times. Or download an app that keeps reminding you to fill up on water, or set reminders on your phone! Just make sure you’re hydrating enough!

Now, let’s wrap up!

You want to eat healthily, but you might just not enjoy eating salad. You hate salad because the unhealthy food you eat sets an unrealistic bar for how food should taste like.

Also, your other unhealthy patterns and habits may be ruining your taste buds. The most important thing to keep in mind is that eating healthy is a long process, and it takes time.

So, be patient and if you ever go back to unhealthy eating habits, don’t judge yourself. Acknowledge that you’re doing this for life. Now, go send this to one of you’re fellow salad hating buddies and get back on that health wagon by fixing your tastebuds.