We all have plans and dreams that we will eat home-cooked meals everyday, pack our lunches to school or work, and food prep for the week ahead on the weekends. However, more often than not, life happens and we barely have time to order food let alone cook it from scratch. If you find yourself ordering takeaway a little too often, take a step back and let us introduce you to Yumamia, a service for fully ready home-cooked (or half-cooked) meals delivered right to you.

Whether you lack the time or the skills, Yumamia can help you out at home and take the burden of you and your family eating well off your chest. Starting from the May 15th, Yumamia offers you the chance to get ready to eat home-cooked meals delivered right to your doorstep on the same day within 4 hours. So, you are a working mom and you just dropped the kids off the school and got to work, don’t panic that there will be no food at home for the kids once they get back from school. Call Yumamia, order their favorite homemade food, and lose the guilt. The whole family can enjoy home-cooked meals and you can rest assured that your children are well nourished.

Next time you are hungry half-way through the day at work, you can go onto the Yumamia website and order your favorite homemade meal to have it delivered to you by the time you get home. It’s almost like having your own personal chef waiting for you at home. No more last minute junk-food deliveries just because you can’t wait for good food to be cooked. It is also worth noting that all of Yumamia’s home cooks are trained to follow the highest food-safety standards; meaning you are getting tasty, but most importantly healthy, and safe food.

If you are not one to plan ahead but still want fresh, high quality, and delicious food you need to check out Yumamia. Connect with them via Facebook, Instagram, or their website.