This year it seems that beach weddings have taken over, and while we love the change of scenery the word “beach” may have you excited and stressed at the same time when considering your outfit options. What are the best colors and style for a beach wedding? Should I go for a short or maxi dress? Platforms or wedges? All these questions are why we have a few style tricks that will help you get through this seaside wedding season. Keep in mind that  weddings are considered more casual than other weddings, and that there will probably be some sand involved at some point.

Here are the most fashionable picks for this summer’s beach wedding styles:

Maxi Chiffon Dress in Summer Shades
floral kimonogreen maxi
Go for materials that are light and summery, like chiffon or silk. These lightweight fabrics add movement to your look in the sea breeze, and wearing a bold summer color will create an even more seasonally appropriate look. Though it might be tempting in summer, let the bride shine and avoid white, especially when wearing longer lengths.

Watercolor Prints
floral rufflefloral maxiBe bold and go with full length bright prints, patterns and light summery colors like turquoise, lime green and tangerine.

Get Coordinated
skirt topskirt topChallenge your style and go for a nicely coordinated skirt and top. Have fun with different shades, textures and colors and remember that a coordinated two piece look doesn’t have to mean perfectly matching.

Cutouts, Off the Shoulder and Slits
slitsWhen it comes to beach weddings, you can go for flirty details like cutout waists and tops, off the shoulder angles and high slit dresses. Keep it fun and interesting!

clutch braceletsnecklaceDon’t forget to lift your look and add a pair of dangling earrings, a statement necklace or some bold bangles. Make sure you pick only one area to accessorize to polish your final look.

Wedges or Flats
summer wedgesummer wedge korsflatIf there’s even the slightest chance you will be walking in sand, then by all means avoid high heels and platforms and stick to either a pair of dressy wedges or chic flats. Shoes shouldn’t be your statement piece at a beach wedding, so ditch the strappy sandals and go for a functional (but chic) shoe instead.

half braidstarfish
At a seaside wedding there’s no need for heavily polished and sprayed hair. Instead, stick to beachy waves and loose or messy up-dos. Add a flower, decorated hairband or sea inspired hairpin to hold your locks in place and stand out in the crowd.

Wrapped Up
If it’s an evening beach wedding remember to bring a scarf or light shawl, just in case. As the night wears on, it may get windy or chilly next to the water.