Alexandria’s first mind-body health studio that takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on physical fitness as well as mental well-being. The Two Twenty, located at Designia Mall- Alexandria, is the place to go to for the whole mind-body experience. There you will find life coaching, workshops, nutrition consultations and pretty much everything you need for overall wellness, thereby, making it the perfect place for everyone to find a workout that suits them.

If you know Farida Abouel Dahab, you will probably assume that her newest project The Two Twenty is a yoga studio, but the truth is, it’s much more than that. “It all started with our mission: to redefine the meaning of wellness,” tells us Abouel Dahab co-founder of Alexandria’s newest fitness boutique, The Two Twenty. After bonding in her Yoga class, Farida and her two partners, Farida El Gammal and Nada El-Sheikh, who are also health and fitness enthusiasts, decided to start The Two Twenty together. The whole team is passionate about making a difference and creating a bigger impact by changing the way people think and feel about fitness and nutrition. The Two Twenty is not your typical gym or studio, it’s built on the belief that they can help people not only transform their bodies but also their lives. We talked to the team behind this new fitness boutique to get an exclusive first view.

“The concept behind The Two Twenty draws inspiration from a quote from the 1966 film Alfie,” Nour El Gammal, the Design Strategist behind The Two Twenty, tells us. In the movie, the titular working class philanderer played by Michael Caine, worries about two things: his health and his peace of mind-“If you ain’t got that-you ain’t got nothing.” Somewhere along the line, a marriage of health and peace of mind gave rise to the concept of well-being.

Wellness can, therefore, be defined as peace of mind and good physical health, (physical and mental health not being mutually exclusive) working in parallel to compliment one another. “We acknowledge that true happiness stems from a deep sense of integrity with ourselves. So basically being healthy means being energized, vibrant and happy rather than eating all the right foods and training everyday and still feeling terrible about it. Health and happiness go hand in hand and the perfect body is the body that you’re healthy and happy in. You can’t have one without the other. You could be healthy but absolutely miserable. It’s not about a specific type, weight, diet or exercise and this is our motto: Think better, feel better, look better,” says Aboul Dahab.

The inspiration behind the name The Two Twenty is based on the state of natural high and happiness reached after a workout, as an indicator of being healthy. When you train you raise your heart rate, the number two-twenty comes from the old formula used to determine the average person’s target heart rate zone, which is …

220 – your age

x60% and x90% of HR max to get Heart Rate Zones.

The name “The Two-Twenty” simply implies that the euphoric state you reach when working out is a state that is reached through a number, 220.

When asked what motivated her to start her own business, she enthusiastically say, “Definitely, passion! Not only my passion for yoga but for overall well-being. I’ve always been athletic but it wasn’t until I started doing yoga that I felt the urge to quit my corporate job and change careers. I was also motivated by the lack of places in Egypt that educate, provide support and empower people rather than just train them.”

The Two Twenty embodies a new kind of concept that we haven’t seen around Egypt, it’s not a specialized studio or center but rather a wellness fitness boutique. “The place is not only about burning calories; it’s about the whole experience. It’s an inclusive space for more personalized workouts, nutrition and community. You could say, it’s an all-in-one mind-body experience. It houses different disciplines under one modern roof—so ideally anyone can find the workout that’s right for them,” explains Abouel Dahab.

At The Two Twenty, you will no longer be compromising cleanliness, convenience or a good atmosphere to get a great workout. You choose from the many packages that are tailored to meet your specific goals via the many services offered. You will be challenged to go outside your comfort zone, but you will also be kept safe without straining your joints or overworking your muscles. The team behind The Two Twenty are keen on raising awareness and promoting overall well-being by offering workshops, nutrition consultations, Reiki, life coaching and recovery sessions.

The Two Twenty is divided into several areas, including a retail area, a reception area with seating, and a small café where you can visit the juice bar and get post-workout blends, healthy snacks, and fresh juices and a seating area where you can sit, relax and enjoy yourself.

We talked to Interior Designer, Yasmina Khalil from Designer Snaps to give us the inside scoop of the design and concept behind The Two Twenty. “The Two Twenty is an upscale state of the art fitness boutique with a unique spa-like feel. The main concept behind the design is that we tried to implement the mood or state of exercise such as yoga and pilates, etc throughout the entire space,” says Khalil.

The energy you exert when you exercise creates a euphoric feeling of happiness and reduces depression and stress, and this is exactly the kind of energy that was translated into the interior of the studio. To recreate the feeling of wholeness the interior of the studio was designed mainly using earthy, natural materials such as marble, wood and brass, producing a wholesome effect and reflecting the state that exercise creates in the body.

The use of lighting was very critical to the overall design of the space. The lighting in studio is mellow and all the colors used are very humble. Studio 3, however, has a very vibrant design, representing an energetic vibe, with colorful led lights, a high-volume sound system and striking black lines.

The bathroom is set up in a way to help you tone down your post-exercise energy levels with a serene ambiance, cool colors and a simple design to generate a very calming effect. “The office space has a very industrial feel to it, as it was designed to represent the three amazingly beautiful women that have a passion for exercise and business. Their work and passion is represented in the industrial feel of the metal and the black color used,” commented Khalil.

The Two Twenty is not just a place, it’s a way of thinking, a way of living- it’s a lifestyle brand that aims for perfect harmony and clarity of both mind and body, which is achieved not just through products and services but also through the aesthetics of your surroundings.



Photography by Youssef Tayeh