It’s quite literally a breath of fresh air when we see non-fitness related entities supporting the wellness scene in Egypt.  Amwaj is one of the residential compounds in North Coast that supports a healthy and happy community. This summer, Amwaj is collaborating with CairoRunners to bring their community a couple of runs by the beach to help people reach their fitness goals by staying fit and active.

Last Friday, August 4th, The Daily Crisp was lucky enough to be a part of a beautiful run that took place by the beach in Amwaj North Coast. This run was made only for residents of Amwaj, but TDC got to be a part of it and we are so glad that we were able to keep our weekend active! The run took place by the breath-taking beach at 5:30pm.

It was the perfect time to squeeze in a quick run as the sun was not too hot, there was a light breeze and we were ready to workout and then go for a nice rewarding lunch afterward (side note: endless options of places to eat in Amwaj!)

The best thing about the organized run is that we could go at our own pace, so we decided to turn it into a nice jog and enjoy the beautiful view, the sun, the wind and the peace of mind. The run ended in the perfect way, with a nice long stretch by the sea. We were guided by professionals who made sure that we perform stretching exercises after the run to help us cool down gradually.

Fun Facts about this run : 

1) You’re racing. But it’s not about running.

2) You can’t do it alone. (Find 3 or 4 teammates)

3) You need your mind, your memory, your focus, your perseverance, your team spirit, even your aiming ability

4) You don’t know what you’re getting yourselves into, and that alone is amazing enough!


If you’re interested to join the upcoming ‘Amazing Race’ in Amwaj, open for everyone and is run in groups of 4 or 5. You can register at