After reading the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, (highly recommended!) we were inspired to give our own two cents regarding de-cluttering and organizing your surroundings, including your closet of course.

As we enter the new year, so many of us are looking to get rid of any excess emotional baggage we have been carrying along for God knows how long, but what about material baggage too? Yes, we’re talking about those baggy jeans with 12 pockets that you last wore in 2003.

This might sound extreme, but experts believe that a closet clean up can improve your life as well as the space where you store your clothes. By letting go of clothes that do not reflect who you are at your current stage of life, you will learn to let go of the past and accept who you are now. Instead of dwelling on the past you are moving forward.

Another way a simple closet cleaning can make you happier? By giving up clothes that you no longer have any use for, you can be drastically improving a less fortunate person’s life. Something that is of very little value to you can mean a lot to someone else. Some great charity organizations you can donate to include ResalaDar al Orman, and Karama.

Tips for De-Cluttering
If you want to experience the benefits of cleaning up your closet (and subsequently your life) use our de-cluttering tips to identify what you really don’t need.

Take Everything Out: This might cause more mess at the beginning and is a little time consuming, but physically taking everything out of your closet is the best way of visualizing how much you actually have and making more informed choices about what to keep and what to release.

One-Year Rule: If you have something that hasn’t been taken off the hanger in more than a year, it’s time to let it go. This means that all four seasons have passed and you haven’t found a good time to wear it, so chances of you wearing it again are slim to none.

Let Go of What Doesn’t Fit: Keeping clothes that are too big/too small for you is a way of you indirectly telling your body that you don’t accept it as it is right now. “Keeping clothes that are too small in the hopes that you’ll fit into them one day is like punishing yourself for who you currently are”, says professional organizer Marcie Lovett.  Appreciate who you are at this point in time, and remember if you do lose weight then you have a good excuse to go shopping!

Damaged Items: Do you have a dress with a broken zip that you made a mental note to get fixed two years ago hanging up in your wardrobe? Take out all the damaged items to get them repaired, or decide if you would just prefer to give them away. There is no point having something in your closet that is of no use to you.

Address Duplicates: Chances are you have five pairs of black skinny jeans and numerous plain white shirts, but we all have favorites that we feel comfortable in and wear repeatedly. Have a look at all the duplicate items in your wardrobe and keep only your most frequently worn versions.

Repeat Every Six Months: Once you have completed your first de-cluttering session, make sure you jot down a time in your schedule to repeat the process every six months. That way, you can keep on top of your belongings and you won’t have to sort through year-old things next time you need a clean out.

If you are more of a natural hoarder or a sentimental collector, de-cluttering won’t come naturally to you. However, streamlining your belongings will really help you feel clearer and more focused once you get around to it.