These days more than ever we are looking for ways to uplift our vibrations in order stay healthy and keep this viral illness (COVID-19) at bay as long as possible until a remedy is found and life can resume regularly.

The different ways to boost immunity and keep our bodies healthy are the highest researched topic around the world, everyone is looking for what to eat, how to live, what to implement in their lives in order to stay healthy during this pandemic.

What’s really interesting though, is that one of the most powerful medicines available to strengthen the immunity and heal the body, bringing more wellness and quality to our lives is actually built in the body itself. Something most of us tend to easily neglect, especially in days when gloominess and sadness seem to be the only emotions evoked by the environment around us. 

That built-in medicine is LAUGHTER!


About Ute Devika

Egyptian at heart, German Ute has been living in Cairo for 20 years after a long history of back and forth between Italy, Egypt, and Germany – “I can’t think of any other place where I would rather live!” she shares.

During her early years in Egypt, Ute worked as a German Language Teacher and International Development Cooperation Consultant as well, she was always interested in any aspect that had to do with communication and human relations. Throughout her journey she was always keen on finding out new ways to empower people and develop her passion for communication and human connection, this is how she was introduced to the world of coaching.

Ute decided to pursue coaching and enrolled in the Academy of Coaching in London where she acquired her 3 diplomas: Personal Development Coaching, Corporate Executive Coaching, and Student, Teacher, Parent Coaching. She is passionate about coaching people of all ages, backgrounds and life orientation – “Coaching is the most effective way I have come across that helps people to overcome challenges, move forward and become happier and successful.” – Ute expresses.

And this is not all for this passionate, human loving woman, Ute is also an Energy Healing Practitioner. Through systems designed especially with the purpose of optimizing human performance – developed by the HearthMath Institute in California – she offers a variety of workshops, tackling different mundane aspects and issues such as: Authentic Communication, Boosting Self-Esteem, The Power of Emotions, Healing the Inner Child, Playful Parenting and more!

“Life Becomes Easier and Much More Enjoyable Once We Learn How to Find Opportunity Within Any Unpleasantness, and Quickly Shift It Into an Uplifting Emotion.” 

What Is Laughter Yoga

The worldwide movement “Laughter Yoga” was initiated in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria – a medical doctor in Mumbai, India – from whom Ute directly received her Laughter Yoga Certificate.

Following Dr. Kataria’s method, Ute was able to train and certify 65 laughter yoga leaders in Egypt (Egyptians and Expats) plus 27 more in Sudan.

There’s a lot of pain and suffering in the world today and in order to lighten it up we need more laughter.” she shares. Devika also adds “Laughter is the easiest way to let go of bodily stress and tension.

More on Ute’s Work

Ute is also the author of a heartwarming, eye-opening book called Lighthearted: Breaking Free From Heaviness.

In this book, Ute has gathered the fruits of her knowledge and experience offering the secrets to how to build resilience to anxiety while living life wholly through practical exercises to help the reader effectively break free from heaviness – something most of us if not all of us are in need of these days. This book is available to purchase through Amazon and is soon to be published in Egypt so that it becomes more accessible to all of us anytime.