I have done quite a bit in the last 41 years but I am no where near “there” yet.

I’ve lived in Egypt and the US, been married for 16 years with three children. I’ve been teaching for 12 years, and running and owning a preschool for 4 years. I’ve also published a book about the Egyptian revolution, which encouraged me to start blogging. Writing online and getting to express what I want made me realize I was more into relating and connecting with people. I am intrigued by their stories.

Somewhere in the middle of their words describing shared losses, happiness, and attained wisdom, I began to create an inner road map that helped me navigate my own days. I discovered that though social media has its drawbacks, it is such a powerful tool in connecting minds through words and imagery.

The collective experience of current generations alive at this very moment is now “shareable” in seconds across oceans, continents and time zones. It has made it easier to “find the others” and I am on a quest to do so.

As a teacher and a writer, the decision to start a Vlog was really a “No Brainer”. The future of media is all moving to the online medium. Our children take cues about their daily lives from what they watch online and “we” the parents, educators and most certainly Arab Americans are not present enough on that medium. I have decided to create “Honest Conversations”, a series of episodes that illustrate the daily lives of our family and other immigrant families within our reach. Vlogging in its essence is just creative story telling. The challenge remains to make it interesting and short and relevant. This is not something I expect to go viral all of a sudden or anything like that. It is an effort that is similar to that of a book or publications that begins its journey by being place on a shelf. That online shelf is Youtube. I am hoping that as time passes it will be accessed more and more by people who need this information.