Every person touched by cancer has a story to tell. Yasmine Gheith, Nada Shatila and Ahmed Awad are three smart, strong cancer fighters who showed us how they stood up to cancer and changed how we view health. Their eye-opening stories are an inspiration to all of us, and teach us how we view and appreciate our lives.

Yasmine Gheith:

Yasmine Gheith is a 29 year old mother of a 4 year old boy, she is an English teacher and recently started a hobby in fashion design. Gheith discovered she has breast cancer on September 1st, 2016. Despite the fact that she panicked like anyone would in her position, she remained strong, sought help and had an operation two days after diagnosis. She viewing her disease in a more positive light after hearing a lot of success stories. She knew that early diagnosis raises the success rate of a cure to 90%. “Cancer is not a scary thing like most people think, sometimes it even changes you for the better. I started doing what I love, started taking fashion sketching courses, drew more and started writing a book to help people during their hardships.” Gheith wants everyone who’s diagnosed to adopt the same positive outlook she has, she wants them to believe that everything passes and that now science is more advanced than ever. “Be optimistic and everything will be okay.”

Nada Shatila: 

Nada Shatila is a life coach who was diagnosed with cancer 16 years ago at the age of 24. Her Leukemia diagnosis shocked her, as she was still at the beginning of her career life. She felt angry, frustrated and as if life stopped right then and there. “I didn’t understand what leukemia is, I felt angry for years until I realized that there are things in life that we have to accept and deal with because this is life.” Shatila advises friends and families of cancer patients to give them extra care because they need it. And for cancer patients, she says, “go after what makes you happy, treatment is not just about medications, it’s also psychological.” To know more about her experience with Leukemia, you can also watch her TED talk here

Ahmed Awad:

“I am not a cancer survivor, I am a cancer fighter,” says Ahmed Awad, an operations manager who works in tourism. Awad got diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) at the age of 25 in 2011. He was shocked and devastated, he thought that a cancer patient at his age will always be in bed, lose all his hair and eventually lose his life too. “The word cancer was hard to process and understand.” However, Awad turned his frustration and disappointment into positive acts. He decided to help a charity organisation in Egypt, contribute and share the wisdom he acquired through his own journey. Awad helped in creating the first CML group in Egypt, Power of CML, where he and his colleagues produced the first CML booklet that will provide patients with guidance, help and support.